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* fix(CodingStandards): manual coding standards fixesMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-12-242-2/+16
* fix(CodingStandards): use phpcb for coding standard issuesMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-12-241-2/+2
* feat(DateTime): Allow DateTime enhancement for non-timestamp fields (#2921612...szeidler2017-11-153-41/+107
* feat(FieldEnhancer): Transform link field value to use UUID (#2883437 by Grim...florenttorregrosa2017-11-092-0/+124
* fix(Performance): Improve the performance of loading resource configs (#29070...dereine2017-09-072-0/+100
* fix(Enhancers): Fix default form value for enhancersMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-05-171-2/+2
* docs(CS): Fix coding standards (#2875309 by arshadcn)arshad2017-05-032-1/+4
* refactor(DX): Add a ResourceFieldEnhancerBase (#2874501 by arshadcn)arshad2017-05-023-78/+56
* feat(DX): Move field enhancers under a Plugin\jsonapi\FieldEnhancer namespace...arshad2017-05-013-6/+8
* feat(Enhancer): Introduce enhancers for improved normalizationMateu Aguiló Bosch2017-05-014-0/+319