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masterremoving more backticksArchie Brentano18 hours
unifiedFix perms on doobie-smoke.shSam Boyer23 months
whitelistAs recommended by sdboyer field scrubing is now seperate from table statements.Michael Halstead9 months
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18 hoursremoving more backticksHEADmasterArchie Brentano2-5/+5
19 hoursUse drush6 for make.Neil Drumm1-1/+1
20's codebase is now in Git.Neil Drumm1-1/+1
20 hoursremoving backticksArchie Brentano7-37/+37
6 daysadding _nodata to all tables containing the word cacheArchie Brentano1-2/+2
6 daysremoving cruft from the authmap fieldsArchie Brentano2-17/+1
6 daysRemoving extraneous spacesArchie Brentano21-171/+171
7 daysorganizing and adding more tablesArchie Brentano2-739/+1016
9 dayssanitization script updatesArchie Brentano9-131/+273
9 daysRemove more tables that no longer exist.Neil Drumm1-52/+0