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* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* Be consistent about naming things ImageCache (captial C).andrew morton2008-08-081-1/+1
* #232624 by add1sun, Initial D6 Port Patch... hurrah!Darrel O\'Pry2008-05-301-2/+3
* removing version from info files.Darrel O\'Pry2008-04-151-1/+0
* Wrote my own imageAPI that does image ops without writing the files... The ou...5.x-2.0-alphaDarrel O\'Pry2007-12-141-2/+3
* oops forgot to add I've got to backtrack and rewrit...Darrel O\'Pry2007-12-111-0/+6