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* Updated the includes patch which applied but needed some line shifting.Jose Reyero2006-02-181-6/+6
* Updated patch for Drupal 4.6.4Jose Reyero2005-12-011-9/+15
* some problem with latest patchesJose Reyero2005-06-132-9/+9
* - Fixed some minor bugsJose Reyero2005-06-132-18/+9
* Updated includes patchJose Reyero2005-05-161-24/+24
* Preparing 4.6 releaseJose Reyero2005-04-241-33/+0
* Fixed patchJose Reyero2005-04-211-0/+4
* Updated patches for 4.6Jose Reyero2005-04-164-103/+86
* - Fixed bug (pgsql typo)Jose Reyero2005-04-111-3/+26
* - Added some logic in query rewriting functions to get all terms & vocabs whe...Jose Reyero2005-03-262-1/+11
* Updated patches to HEAD. Changed default i18n_supported_langs to 'locale'.Karoly Negyesi2005-03-212-40/+58
* Update to HEADKaroly Negyesi2005-02-044-70/+64
* Fixed i18n.mysqlJose Reyero2005-02-031-36/+0
* Updated for Drupal HEADJose Reyero2005-02-025-39/+448
* Reworked init system, updated patchesJose Reyero2005-01-247-365/+30
* Patched for NK's node query patchJose Reyero2005-01-071-0/+16
* Removed previous node.module patchJose Reyero2005-01-072-39/+195
* Fixed module_init hook issueJose Reyero2004-12-251-5/+18
* Fixed some bugs, changed some config options, added png language iconsJose Reyero2004-12-075-28/+93
* New i18nJose Reyero2004-12-025-0/+193