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* Fixed multiple issues with blocks and taxonomyJose Reyero2008-02-172-2/+1
* Added i18nprofile upgrade scriptsJose Reyero2008-02-172-25/+50
* Updated i18nprofile for Drupal 6.0Jose Reyero2008-02-171-4/+30
* Updating for Drupal 6.0Jose Reyero2008-02-151-1/+1
* Completed upgrade of i18nprofile, beta 1Jose Reyero2007-11-023-352/+117
* Reorganizing the packageJose Reyero2007-10-222-4/+6
* #152819: Module .info files should not define 'version' in CVSDerek Wright2007-06-181-1/+0
* Upgrading:Jose Reyero2006-12-141-21/+65
* Starting Drupal 5 updateJose Reyero2006-11-291-0/+5
* Porting latest changes from 4.7 branchJose Reyero2006-11-272-0/+455