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* Removing translation directoriesThe Great Git Migration2011-02-252-113/+0
* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-254-4/+0
* Updated POT files after schema translation removalhass2009-06-251-1/+1
* Updated German translationhass2009-06-251-8/+8
* Updated POT fileshass2009-06-251-1/+1
* Updated POT files for translation.hass2008-10-031-2/+2
* Updated POT fileshass2008-10-031-8/+8
* Code style fixeshass2008-10-031-1/+1
* Code style fixes, missing ID tags, +++hass2008-10-021-13/+27
* Trailing spaces cleanup (code style)hass2008-10-021-7/+7
* Updated German translationhass2008-09-251-8/+8
* Updated PORT files for translationhass2008-09-251-4/+4
* - Renamed some modules, updated descriptionsJose Reyero2008-09-251-2/+2
* Added German translation.hass2008-09-161-0/+58
* Updated POT files for module translationhass2008-09-071-0/+57
* - Commented out views hooks on i18ntaxonomy (not for the first version), #285660Jose Reyero2008-07-251-2/+1
* Renamed package to "Multilanguage"Jose Reyero2008-06-241-1/+1
* Fixed dependencies for i18npoll moduleJose Reyero2008-02-241-1/+1
* - Added aggregated polls: i18npoll.moduleJose Reyero2008-02-232-0/+166