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* Issue #1248664 by mindgame: Fixed Wrong string object used for save_string().Jose Reyero2011-08-161-3/+3
* Added test for i18n_sync. One fail remaining.Jose Reyero2011-08-071-1/+1
* Better default localize permissions for i18n_objectJose Reyero2011-07-281-1/+8
* Issue #1218856: Fixed html block body is escaped.7.x-1.0-rc2Jose Reyero2011-07-231-1/+2
* Issue #1214616: Improved translation sets to keep track of related ones when ...Jose Reyero2011-07-111-7/+0
* Issue #1192332: Fixed Incorrect message on wrong Block translation. Other for...Jose Reyero2011-07-081-15/+17
* Improved log messages and texts for text group operationsJose Reyero2011-06-201-17/+29
* Issue #1193274: Fixed Fatal error: Cannot use object of type i18n_string_obj...Jose Reyero2011-06-201-5/+26
* Fixed issues with setting string value and language code not passed around. A...Jose Reyero2011-06-171-16/+48
* API and performance improvements, better caching for multiple translations an...Jose Reyero2011-06-171-60/+234
* Improved field translations and string handling. String objects are passed ar...Jose Reyero2011-06-161-31/+82
* Fixed issues with previous commits. Introduced some more overridable function...Jose Reyero2011-06-151-42/+84
* Fixed: object being translated to default language too. Removed some debug me...Jose Reyero2011-06-151-2/+1
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Added some internal caching (properties) in...Jose Reyero2011-06-151-38/+62
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Better formatting options. Moved debug opti...Jose Reyero2011-06-141-6/+41
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Cleaned and improved multiple translation f...Jose Reyero2011-06-141-59/+80
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Renamed and moved around functions for cons...Jose Reyero2011-06-141-205/+221
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Better handling of source strings.Jose Reyero2011-06-141-100/+135
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Added i18n_string_object() to handle string...Jose Reyero2011-06-141-114/+147
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Moving functions around to the right files....Jose Reyero2011-06-141-104/+2
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Reordered functions. Improved object transl...Jose Reyero2011-06-141-21/+23
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Added hook_i18n_string_objects() for a modu...Jose Reyero2011-06-131-1/+5
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Improved format access checking. Renamed i1...Jose Reyero2011-06-131-11/+4
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Simplified path handling for string transla...Jose Reyero2011-06-131-9/+10
* Issue #1185644: API improvements. Removed unused functions, replaced some oth...Jose Reyero2011-06-121-27/+0
* Issue #1185644: API improvements, added object wrappers for strings tooJose Reyero2011-06-121-86/+44
* Issue #1185644: API improvements, added object wrappersJose Reyero2011-06-121-0/+116
* Issue #1067618: Updating to work with l10n_client. Added some API functions t...7.x-1.0-beta7Jose Reyero2011-06-101-70/+23
* Updated some string/object functions for consistency. Removed left over code.Jose Reyero2011-05-261-11/+13
* Issue #1154364: Added comments and fixed i18n_string_object_translate()Jose Reyero2011-05-251-4/+9
* Issue #1154364: Finally, autogenerating translation tabs with metadataJose Reyero2011-05-251-12/+7
* Issue #1154364: Consistent translation tabs. Extended string API. Implemented...Jose Reyero2011-05-241-19/+45
* Issue #1154364: Consistent translation tabs for objects, added better path me...Jose Reyero2011-05-231-6/+6
* Issue #1156310 by idflood: Added Coder review cleanup.Jose Reyero2011-05-211-2/+2
* Issue #1154364: Add consistent translate tabs for objects. Menus.Jose Reyero2011-05-211-0/+6
* Issue #1157826: Fixed write translation string into the dbJose Reyero2011-05-211-1/+8
* Issue #1154364 by reyero, berdir: Translation tabsJose Reyero2011-05-141-0/+22
* Issue #671360 by dereine: switch default option for messages to not be printe...Gábor Hojtsy2011-05-141-2/+2
* Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of into 7.x-1.xGábor Hojtsy2011-05-121-1/+1
| * Issue #1147696 by mropannen: Wrong string saved as source on i18n_string_updateJose Reyero2011-05-111-1/+1
* | Issue #1114602 by Gábor Hojtsy, yoroy: improve usability of i18n_string base...Gábor Hojtsy2011-05-121-36/+37
* Fixed multiple issues witn i18n_string_save_translation(), renamed parametersJose Antonio Reyero del Prado2011-04-091-19/+11
* Updated some string API to save and update translationsJose Antonio Reyero del Prado2011-03-211-4/+19
* Updated string testJose Antonio Reyero del Prado2011-03-211-7/+14
* Added string integrity check after importingJose Antonio Reyero del Prado2011-03-191-1/+17
* Issue #1090382 Renamed table i18n_strings to i18n_string7.x-1.0-beta3Jose Antonio Reyero del Prado2011-03-151-8/+8
* Updating from Reyero2011-02-241-1/+4
* Updating from github:7.x-1.0-alpha3Jose Reyero2011-02-191-63/+109
* Updating from github, Reyero2011-02-141-3/+2
* Merging from Reyero2011-01-191-8/+8