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* Lots of updates for 4.7Jose Reyero2006-04-241-42/+69
* Lots of updates for 4.7, still WIPJose Reyero2006-01-311-42/+29
* Updating for Drupal HEAD -Forms APIJose Reyero2005-12-031-697/+177
* Updated for Drupal-HEADJose Reyero2005-08-201-26/+73
* Syncing with 4.6, to start development in sync with Drupal-HEADJose Reyero2005-08-011-3/+10
* - Fixed bug (pgsql typo)Jose Reyero2005-04-111-32/+38
* - Added some logic in query rewriting functions to get all terms & vocabs whe...Jose Reyero2005-03-261-79/+700
* Fixed i18n.mysqlJose Reyero2005-02-031-2/+13
* Updated for Drupal HEADJose Reyero2005-02-021-0/+237
* New i18nJose Reyero2004-12-021-89/+0
* Some bug fixesJose Reyero2004-09-241-39/+63
* Updated according to patches and description onèr Kessels2004-07-311-39/+38
* Changed options in conf fileJose Reyero2004-04-061-2/+3
* Repackaging: placed all the files under modules/i18nJose Reyero2004-04-051-1/+19
* i18n release 1.0Jose Reyero2004-02-151-0/+47