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-0. Apply the patches provided with the module
+0. Apply the patches provided with the module: patch is only required if you want language dependent variables -see below
1. Create folder 'modules/i18n'
2. Copy all the modules files, keeping directory structure, to the folder 'modules/i18n/'
-3. Configuration file -conf.php- and flags
+3. Configuration file -conf.php- and flags:
3.1. To use url rewriting, this line should be added to your configuration file:
include 'modules/i18n/'
@@ -28,7 +32,8 @@ INSTALLATION:
<warning> This feature is experimental</warning>
+<NEW,IMPORTANT> This may be dropped in upcoming versions, so it is discouraged</NEW,IMPORTANT>
4.1. Modify $db_prefix and add $db_prefix_i18n in .conf file. This is a sample:
$db_prefix=array (
@@ -51,6 +56,15 @@ INSTALLATION:
4.3. [IMPORTANT] If you are updating an existing site, you have to manually synchronize the id's in the {sequences} table
+Same object ids should have the same value accross languages
+en_node_id = 5
+es_node_id = 5
+ru_node_id = 5
4.4. [ADVICE] For language-dependent tables, you better define the supported languages in the config file.
* Otherwise, changing the locale languages can cause some language dependant tables to get out of sync