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Updated for Drupal HEAD
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1. Create folder 'modules/i18n', and copy all the modules files, keeping directory structure, to this folder.
2. Apply the patches to the Drupal core that are provided.
- Required patches are for 'node.module', 'taxonomy.module', '', and ''.
- ** Patches for other modules will be available soon but they will be required only if you want that specific module to be 'language aware'
Also, apply the database modifications from the SQL file 'i18n.mysql.'
All of these modifications are located in the "patches" folder.
- ** Negyesi Karoli's 'central_node_query' patch is included with this module:
Language Definition
You can use the languages defined -and enabled- in 'locale' module or modify the Drupal configuration file 'includes/conf.php' to define the languages you want to use.