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@@ -25,12 +25,12 @@ This module provides support for internationalization of Drupal sites:
** You can choose which node types to translate and a new 'language' field will show up when editing them
** Language can also be set for taxonomy terms
* Translation of the user interface for registered and anonymous users (with locale module and the languages block enabled)
- * Detection of the brower language
+ * Detection of the browser language
* Keeps the language settings accross consecutive requests using URL rewriting.
* Provides a block for language selection and two theme functions: i18n_flags and i18n_links
* Independent interface and content languages.
** This means you can have the interface -menus, etc..- in english while viewing a node in spanish
- ** While some people doesn't like this, I consider it as an important feature which will be kept for future releases
+ ** While some people don't like this, I consider it an important feature which will be kept for future releases
To have a language selector on your page, you can use the block provided or these theme functions: