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* Stripping CVS keywords6.x-1.xThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* #371604 by NancyDru - Added a time builder function for forms.Nancy Wichmann2009-02-091-0/+107
* Initial 6.x version.6.x-1.0Nancy Wichmann2008-02-141-27/+302
* Added "multiple" options to all select functions, added size to show more tha...Nancy Wichmann2008-01-241-3/+58
* #213723 by nancyw - add month_select_for_formNancy Wichmann2008-01-241-10/+46
* #207147 by nancyw - Initial 5.x releaseNancy Wichmann2008-01-191-2/+12
* As per #53488 I am splittnig the module. Also did some general small fixes.Bèr Kessels2006-07-161-0/+116