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@@ -3,14 +3,14 @@
# LANGUAGE translation of Drupal (general)
# Generated from files:
-# googleanalytics.module,v 2008/05/31 08:14:22 hass
+# googleanalytics.module,v 2008/09/14 10:50:38 hass
#,v 2007/06/18 23:06:44 dww
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-05-31 10:41+0200\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2008-09-14 12:57+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: YYYY-mm-DD HH:MM+ZZZZ\n"
"Last-Translator: NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
@@ -23,271 +23,287 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "<a href=\"@ga_url\">Google Analytics</a> is a free statistics package based on the excellent Urchin system. This module provides services to better integrate Drupal with Google Analytics."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:30
+#: googleanalytics.module:32
msgid "Google Analytics"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:31
+#: googleanalytics.module:33
msgid "Configure the settings used to generate your Google Analytics tracking code."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:189
+#: googleanalytics.module:208
msgid "Google Analytics configuration"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:196
+#: googleanalytics.module:215
msgid "User tracking"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:213
+#: googleanalytics.module:232
msgid "General settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:219
+#: googleanalytics.module:238
msgid "Google Analytics account number"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:224
+#: googleanalytics.module:243
msgid "The account number is unique to the websites domain. Click the <strong>Edit</strong> link in your Google Analytics account next to the appropriate profile on the <strong>Analytics Settings</strong> page, then select <strong>Check Status</strong> at the top-right of the table to find the account number (UA-xxxx-x) of your site. You can obtain a user account from the <a href=\"@url\">Google Analytics</a> website."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:230
+#: googleanalytics.module:249
msgid "User specific tracking settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:235
+#: googleanalytics.module:254
msgid "Custom tracking settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:237
+#: googleanalytics.module:256
msgid "Users cannot control whether they are tracked or not."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:238
+#: googleanalytics.module:257
msgid "Track users by default, but let individual users to opt out."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:239
+#: googleanalytics.module:258
msgid "Do not track users by default, but let individual users to opt in."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:241
+#: googleanalytics.module:260
msgid "Allow individual users to customize the visibility of tracking in their account settings. Only users with %permission permission are allowed to set their own preference."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:241;22
+#: googleanalytics.module:260;22
msgid "opt-in or out of tracking"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:248
+#: googleanalytics.module:267
msgid "Role specific tracking settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:266
+#: googleanalytics.module:285
msgid "Add tracking for specific roles"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:269
+#: googleanalytics.module:288
msgid "Add tracking only for the selected role(s). If none of the roles are selected, all users will be tracked. If a user has any of the roles checked, that user will be tracked."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:275
+#: googleanalytics.module:294
msgid "Page specific tracking settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:290
+#: googleanalytics.module:309
msgid "Add to every page except the listed pages."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:290
+#: googleanalytics.module:309
msgid "Add to the listed pages only."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:291
+#: googleanalytics.module:310
msgid "Enter one page per line as Drupal paths. The '*' character is a wildcard. Example paths are %blog for the blog page and %blog-wildcard for every personal blog. %front is the front page."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:294
+#: googleanalytics.module:313
msgid "Add if the following PHP code returns <code>TRUE</code> (PHP-mode, experts only)."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:295
+#: googleanalytics.module:314
msgid "If the PHP-mode is chosen, enter PHP code between %php. Note that executing incorrect PHP-code can break your Drupal site."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:299
+#: googleanalytics.module:318
msgid "Add tracking to specific pages"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:305
+#: googleanalytics.module:324
msgid "Pages"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:314
+#: googleanalytics.module:333
msgid "User segmentation settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:320
+#: googleanalytics.module:339
msgid "User identifier"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:321
+#: googleanalytics.module:340
msgid "User name"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:322
+#: googleanalytics.module:341
msgid "User roles"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:333
+#: googleanalytics.module:352
msgid "Add segmentation information to tracking code"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:334
+#: googleanalytics.module:353
msgid "Segment users based on different properties, additionally to the basic IP address based tracking provided by Google Analytics."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:334
+#: googleanalytics.module:353
msgid "<a href=\"@module_list\">Enable the profile module</a> to be able to use profile fields for more granular tracking."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:334
+#: googleanalytics.module:353
msgid "Selecting one or more values is supported. To select multiple items, hold down CTRL while selecting fields."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:344
+#: googleanalytics.module:363
msgid "Link tracking settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:350
+#: googleanalytics.module:369
msgid "Track outgoing links"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:352
+#: googleanalytics.module:371
msgid "Enables tracking of clicks on outgoing links."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:356
+#: googleanalytics.module:375
msgid "Track mailto links"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:358
+#: googleanalytics.module:377
msgid "Enables tracking of clicks on mailto links."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:362
+#: googleanalytics.module:381
msgid "Track download links"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:364
+#: googleanalytics.module:383
msgid "Enables tracking of clicks on links to files based on the file extensions list below."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:368
+#: googleanalytics.module:387
msgid "File extensions to track"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:370
+#: googleanalytics.module:389
msgid "A pipe separated list of file extensions that should be tracked when clicked with regular expression support. Example: !extensions"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:376
+#: googleanalytics.module:395
msgid "Advanced settings"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:383
+#: googleanalytics.module:402
msgid "Google Analytics version used"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:386
+#: googleanalytics.module:405
msgid "Latest (ga.js) tracking code"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:387
+#: googleanalytics.module:406
msgid "Legacy (urchin.js) tracking code"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:389
+#: googleanalytics.module:408
msgid "<a href=\"@ga_js_url\">On December 13, 2007, Google rolled out a new API</a> for its tracking code, and suggests all new sites to use this code. You should only use the older legacy code, if you have custom tracking code tied to that API. Otherwise it is suggested you use the latest API, as the legacy code will not receive feature updates and is not compatible with new features."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:394
+#: googleanalytics.module:413
msgid "Cache tracking code file locally"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:395
+#: googleanalytics.module:414
msgid "If checked, the tracking code file is retrieved from Google Analytics and cached locally. It is updated daily from Google's servers to ensure updates to tracking code are reflected in the local copy. Do not activate this until after Google Analytics has confirmed your tracker!"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:400
+#: googleanalytics.module:419
msgid "<a href=\"!url\">Public file transfers</a> must be enabled to allow local caching."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:404
+#: googleanalytics.module:423
msgid "Depends on: !dependencies"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:404
+#: googleanalytics.module:423
msgid " (<span class=\"admin-enabled\">enabled</span>)"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:404
+#: googleanalytics.module:423
msgid " (<span class=\"admin-disabled\">disabled</span>)"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:411
+#: googleanalytics.module:430
msgid "Track internal search"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:412
+#: googleanalytics.module:431
msgid "If checked, internal search keywords are tracked. You must configure your Google account to use the internal query parameter <strong>search</strong>. For more information see <a href=\"!url\">How do I set up Site Search for my profile</a>."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:419
+#: googleanalytics.module:438
msgid "Custom JavaScript code"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:422
-msgid "You can add custom Google Analytics <a href=\"!snippets\">code snippets</a> here. These will be added to every page that Google Analytics appears on. <strong>Do not include the &lt;script&gt; tags</strong>, and always end your code with a semicolon (;)."
+#: googleanalytics.module:441
+msgid "You can add custom Google Analytics <a href=\"!snippets\">code snippets</a> here. These will be added to every page that Google Analytics appears on. Before you add custom code to the below textarea's you should read <a href=\"!GaConceptsOverview\">Google Analytics Tracking Code - Functional Overview</a> and the <a href=\"!gaJSApi\">Google Analytics Tracking API</a> documentation. <strong>Do not include the &lt;script&gt; tags</strong>, and always end your code with a semicolon (;)."
+msgstr ""
+#: googleanalytics.module:445
+msgid "Code snippet (before)"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:427
+#: googleanalytics.module:448
+msgid "Code in this textarea will be added <strong>before</strong> urchinTracker() or pageTracker._trackPageview()."
+msgstr ""
+#: googleanalytics.module:452
+msgid "Code snippet (after)"
+msgstr ""
+#: googleanalytics.module:455
+msgid "Code in this textarea will be added <strong>after</strong> urchinTracker() or pageTracker._trackPageview(). This is usefull if you'd like to track a site in two accounts."
+msgstr ""
+#: googleanalytics.module:460
msgid "JavaScript scope"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:428
+#: googleanalytics.module:461
msgid "<strong>Warning:</strong> Google recommends adding the external JavaScript files to footer for performance reasons."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:430
+#: googleanalytics.module:463
msgid "Footer"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:431
+#: googleanalytics.module:464
msgid "Header"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:441
+#: googleanalytics.module:474
msgid "A valid Google Analytics account number is case sensitive and formatted like UA-xxxxxx-x."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:446
-msgid "Do not add the tracker code provided by Google into this field! This module already builds the tracker code based on your Google Analytics account number and settings."
+#: googleanalytics.module:479;482
+msgid "Do not add the tracker code provided by Google into the javascript code snippets! This module already builds the tracker code based on your Google Analytics account number and settings."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:449
-msgid "Do not include the &lt;script&gt; tags in this field."
+#: googleanalytics.module:485;488
+msgid "Do not include the &lt;script&gt; tags in the javascript code snippets."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:470
+#: googleanalytics.module:510
msgid "Google Analytics module"
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:471
+#: googleanalytics.module:511
msgid "Google Analytics module has not been configured yet. Please configure its settings from the <a href=\"@url\">Google Analytics settings page</a>."
msgstr ""
-#: googleanalytics.module:473
+#: googleanalytics.module:513
msgid "Not configured"
msgstr ""