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* - task: coding style and docs updateThilo Wawrzik2007-09-101-4/+13
* Cleaned up the Gallery Filter options (more consistent with other tabs).kiz_09872007-05-051-19/+19
* - task: fix some wording issues on the admin pagesThilo Wawrzik2007-04-251-0/+5
* - task: rework of image/grid block codeThilo Wawrzik2007-04-231-1/+7
* [ported from DRUPAL-4-7] added a missing closing </ul> in gallery_filter_long...Axel Kollmorgen2007-03-191-54/+24
* #105811 - Fixed t('') calls with '%' in them. Hopefully all of them!kiz_09872006-12-311-8/+2
* Syncing HEAD with DRUPAL-5.kiz_09872006-11-151-55/+56
* Initial Gallery2.1 compatible module for Drupal 4.7kiz_09872006-03-241-0/+157