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* - update D6 version (Oct-15, 2007)Thilo Wawrzik2007-11-231-32/+87
* - very early D6 version (Oct-01, 2007)Thilo Wawrzik2007-11-231-173/+73
* - Update HEAD to 5.x-2.0 release versionThilo Wawrzik2007-11-231-132/+649
* Syncing HEAD with DRUPAL-5.kiz_09872006-11-151-1/+1
* Make checking for a valid gallery install more robust (do not just trust the ...kiz_09872006-07-041-2/+2
* Changed INSTALL.txt to remove inclusion of css from theme dir (no longer avai...kiz_09872006-05-041-0/+2
* #59789 - Changed css import to use theme_add_style(). This may need to be upd...kiz_09872006-04-251-18/+0
* Added gallery grid block.kiz_09872006-04-151-3/+44
* Initial Gallery2.1 compatible module for Drupal 4.7kiz_09872006-03-241-0/+178