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* Add French translationMatthieu Duchemin2005-10-021-0/+105
* fix #31398 - block settings not saving properlyJames Walker2005-09-291-1/+1
* * fix a typo (gallery_error not gallery_user) - thanks mindless!James Walker2005-09-211-1/+1
* * fixed hook_user('update') to fully update the user data on the g2 sideJames Walker2005-09-151-11/+22
* further cleanups and better user syncingJames Walker2005-09-121-28/+33
* several updates from bharat:James Walker2005-09-112-212/+314
* fix #20483: update relativePath generation to accomodate path aliasesJames Walker2005-04-281-2/+5
* issue #20779 : fix when no 'show' param is selected.James Walker2005-04-261-2/+4
* * make $category param optional in gallery_userJames Walker2005-03-101-13/+16
* adding translation templateGábor Hojtsy2005-03-021-0/+109
* add missing <script> tags when G2 includes javascript.James Walker2005-02-171-1/+3
* initial commit of the gallery2 integration moduleJames Walker2005-01-313-0/+334