BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.6.x-1.x1. removed useless $baseurl varMatthew Radcliffe10 years
4.7.x-1.x * bug fix: created time was either equals to or below in most cases.Matthew Radcliffe9 years
5.x-1.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration6 years
5.x-2.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration6 years
6.x-1.x * [#1126082] by mradcliffe. Fix recurse logic bug in D6.Matthew Radcliffe6 years
7.x-1.xIssue #2251103 by mradcliffe: Fix issue with query and fragment stripped from...Matthew Radcliffe12 months
8.x-1.xIssue #2782681 by mradcliffe: Add a note about the top menu plugin IDMatthew Radcliffe3 days
masterGet rid of files within master branch.Matthew Radcliffe5 years
8.x-1.2commit 19eef647d6...Matthew Radcliffe10 months
7.x-1.3commit 505a22c2a3...Matthew Radcliffe12 months
7.x-1.2commit 49c332d802...Matthew Radcliffe12 months
8.x-1.1commit fc6f9aa256...Matthew Radcliffe14 months
8.x-1.0commit 9ee9374601...Matthew Radcliffe16 months
8.x-1.0-rc1commit 9ee9374601...Matthew Radcliffe16 months
7.x-1.1commit 0fa7b8cde4...Matthew Radcliffe5 years
7.x-1.1-beta1commit 87326a485e...Matthew Radcliffe5 years
7.x-1.0commit ec3cfa3c52...Matthew Radcliffe6 years
7.x-1.0-beta2commit 15a0736a51...Matthew Radcliffe6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysIssue #2782681 by mradcliffe: Add a note about the top menu plugin IDHEAD8.x-1.xMatthew Radcliffe1-0/+4
3 daysIssue none by mradcliffe: Add gitignore fileMatthew Radcliffe1-0/+6
2016-05-08Issue #2718295 by mradcliffe: Add weight property to template variables and s...8.x-1.2Matthew Radcliffe5-12/+34
2016-03-01Issue #2677240 by akashjain132: Fix module help page to be route instead of p...akashjain1321-1/+1
2016-01-23Issue #2653410 by heykarthikwithu: Replace deprecated usage of EntityManagerI...heykarthikwithu2-7/+3
2016-01-02Issue #2641452 by mradcliffe: Add unit and integration tests for footermap.8.x-1.1Matthew Radcliffe6-22/+440
2015-11-01Change back to inline-block instead of float.8.x-1.0-rc18.x-1.0Matthew Radcliffe1-2/+4
2015-11-01Hide inaccessible menu links from the site map.Matthew Radcliffe3-19/+40
2015-09-22Issue none by mradcliffe: Fix BlockBase::access() changes.Matthew Radcliffe1-2/+5
2014-12-25Fix issues based on core API changes.Matthew Radcliffe6-10/+14