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* #281617 by drewish, add alt tag to mime icons.Darrel O\'Pry2008-07-231-2/+4
* force list option now hides individual list checkboxes.Darrel O\'Pry2008-07-151-55/+0
* #183864, #277943: File size restrictions.Jakob Petsovits2008-07-031-1/+0
* Fix PHP notice, and have a couple less lines of code.Jakob Petsovits2008-06-301-5/+1
* Show the '#required' state of the "File widgets" table.Jakob Petsovits2008-06-291-1/+8
* Filefield was becoming too large, so let's split it up.Jakob Petsovits2008-06-291-0/+244