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-filefield provides a file field type to CCK.
+// $Id$
-In order to make files show up on a page, you need to do three things:
+FileField provides an "File" field type to CCK. It provides many advantages over
+the Drupal core "Upload" module including:
--> Add a CCK field of the type "File" to any content type.
+ * Per-field upload control (file extensions, file size).
+ * Per-node upload size limits.
+ * Multiple fields per content type.
+ * Customizable paths for saving uploads (plus token support for dynamic paths).
+ * Icons for uploaded file types.
--> If the Content Permissions module is enabled:
- Enable the "view <fieldname>" permission for all roles that should be able to view these files.
+FileField was written by Darrel Opry (dopry).
+Maintained by Nathan Haug (quicksketch) and Andrew Morton (drewish).
- Otherwise:
- Enable the "access content" permission for all roles that should be able to view filefield uploads.
+ * Content
+FileField also provides additional features when used with the following:
--> Create a node of this content type, upload some file(s),
- and set the "List" option for those files that should show up on the node.
+ * ImageField (See an image preview during editing.)
+ * Token (Generate dynamic paths when saving images.)
+ * ImageCache (Create thumbnails of images on output.)
+1) Copy the filefield folder to the modules folder in your installation.
+2) Enable the module using Administer -> Site building -> Modules
+ (/admin/build/modules).
+3) Create a new file field in through CCK's interface. Visit Administer ->
+ Content management -> Content types (admin/content/types), then click
+ Manage fields on the type you want to add an file upload field. Select
+ "File" as the field type and "File" as the widget type to create a new
+ field.