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* fixes: #1166272 by Dave Cohen, John Klehm: support for facebooks oauth 2. Mo...Dave Cohen2011-10-011-2/+2
* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* #795134 by Dave Cohen, aangel: Initial (partial) upgrade to D7. woot\!Dave Cohen2011-01-081-6/+16
* it helps to initialize values before using them.Dave Cohen2011-01-081-0/+4
* helpful commentDave Cohen2010-12-281-0/+1
* suddenly facebook needs default text for connect buttons.Dave Cohen2010-12-011-1/+5
* removed trailing spacesDave Cohen2010-11-021-4/+4
* coder module code reviewDave Cohen2010-10-291-1/+1
* #916084 by ckng, Dave Cohen: Easy to show faceobok connect button on drupal l...Dave Cohen2010-10-291-1/+1
* #932174 by csg, Dave Cohen: use facebook's default text for connect button.Dave Cohen2010-10-111-1/+1
* fix for php noticeDave Cohen2010-10-011-0/+1
* Restored support for FBML popup dialogs. Had been broken since 2.x->3.x upgr...Dave Cohen2010-09-231-3/+3
* Avoid FBML names on admin pages.Dave Cohen2010-09-121-1/+1
* removed a default option that may break some ajax-heavy sites.Dave Cohen2010-08-181-4/+1
* Simplify FB_JS.reload() function, and make more use of it.Dave Cohen2010-08-141-1/+4
* Undo changes that were checked in accidentally. Oops.Dave Cohen2010-08-041-1/+0
* latest changes cvs, resolved conflictDave Cohen2010-08-031-0/+1
* theme_fb_login_button now honors attributes.Dave Cohen2010-07-151-9/+14
* Moved theme functions out of fb_connect, because they apply to both canvas an...Dave Cohen2010-07-081-0/+72