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diff --git a/fb_canvas.module b/fb_canvas.module
index 759652a..dc1dcc7 100644
--- a/fb_canvas.module
+++ b/fb_canvas.module
@@ -354,16 +354,18 @@ function fb_canvas_url_outbound_alter(&$path, &$options, $original_path) {
* to URLs that begin
* Call this method from themes when producing iframe canvas
- * pages. This is a relatively expensive operation. Its unfortunate that we
- * must do it on every page request. However to the best of my knowledge,
- * Drupal provides no better way.
+ * pages, or from a page_preprocess hook.
+ *
+ * This is a relatively expensive operation. In the past, this had to be run
+ * on all FBML canvas pages. Now with iframe canvas pages, this is not
+ * strictly needed, but remains useful. If processed, links on the page will
+ * change the parent frame (the one with the URL shown in the browser). If
+ * not processed, the links will change only the iframe.
* In Drupal 7.x, there may be a way to alter URLs before they are
* rendered. That could provide a more efficient solution. Until
* then we are stuck with this.
- * @TODO - is there any way to avoid needing this function?
- *
* @param $output is the page (or iframe block) about to be returned.
* @param $options - 'add_target' will cause target=_top to be added