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* Some debug code to trigger travistravis_debugJimmy Henderickx2015-09-301-1/+4
* Travis build script fix: ensure required packages are availableJimmy Henderickx2015-09-291-0/+1
* Do not use protected method in context provider directlyJimmy Henderickx2015-09-291-4/+3
* Add Facets to index entity operations and some minor tweaksJimmy Henderickx2015-09-275-7/+21
* Assign related search api index to facet on creationJimmy Henderickx2015-09-273-2/+17
* Added related search_api_index on facets.Jimmy Henderickx2015-09-253-7/+23
* Disabled temporary discovery method.Jur de Vries2015-09-251-1/+1
* Merge branch '8.x-1.x' of into 8.x-1.xJur de Vries2015-09-259-47/+133
| * Coding standards fix for FacetBlockJoris Vercammen2015-09-251-14/+16
| * Add a FacetContextProvider and implement itJoris Vercammen2015-09-256-10/+96
| * Deletion quickfix, FacetListBuilder cleanupJimmy Henderickx2015-09-252-19/+17
| * do not support canonical facet configEntity viewnickveenhof2015-09-252-3/+3
| * Use facetapi_facet in links on facetapi entityJimmy Henderickx2015-09-251-3/+3
* | Develop snapshotJur de Vries2015-09-2511-29/+352
* Making list and edit form worknickveenhof2015-09-253-10/+17
* Merge branch '8.x-1.x' of into 8.x-1.xJur de Vries2015-09-2514-307/+559
| * Introduces a GetFacets service that is being used in hook_facetapi_facet_info...Joris Vercammen2015-09-253-70/+96
| * Adding facetapi permissionsnickveenhof2015-09-253-2/+22
| * Progressnickveenhof2015-09-255-55/+18
| * Merge branch '8.x-1.x' of into 8.x-1.xNovitsh2015-09-251-224/+0
| |\
| | * removing old formnickveenhof2015-09-251-224/+0
| * | Issue by Novitsh: Removed buildConfigForm, throwing errors.Novitsh2015-09-251-5/+0
| |/
| * Adding facet formsnickveenhof2015-09-253-0/+243
| * Issue by Novitsh: search_api is now marked as a dependency.Novitsh2015-09-251-0/+2
| * Adding a facet tab + a create buttonnickveenhof2015-09-245-10/+235
* | Refactored facet blockJur de Vries2015-09-251-9/+5
* | First work on the url processor.Jur de Vries2015-09-258-24/+154
* Facet config entity used instead of arrays for definition.Jur de Vries2015-09-241-1/+1
* Facet config entity used instead of arrays for definition.Jur de Vries2015-09-247-17/+109
* Adding basic configEntity for facetsnickveenhof2015-09-246-53/+322
* Development snapshot. Working again.Jur de Vries2015-09-245-10/+8
* Merge branch '8.x-1.x' of into 8.x-1.xJur de Vries2015-09-2411-102/+330
| * removing search_api_facetsnickveenhof2015-09-2311-102/+330
* | Development snapshot.Jur de Vries2015-09-2411-10/+246
* Force merge of 8.x-1.x-feature/reworkJur de Vries2015-09-2350-3780/+1382
* Plugin for search apinickveenhof2015-09-2313-18/+15
* More facetapi experiments. Adding basic facet enablement UI for Search api.nickveenhof2015-09-235-89/+126
* Created more tests.Jur de Vries2014-11-2112-75/+233
* removed accidental debug codeMatthias Vandermaesen2014-10-041-4/+0
* Fixed the namespacing so the TestSearcher can be found.Matthias Vandermaesen2014-10-046-6/+11
* added: a Test Searcher plugin in the dummy module (non functional)Matthias Vandermaesen2014-10-041-0/+26
* removed: stale Adapter object from the facet block.Matthias Vandermaesen2014-10-041-6/+2
* Modifying namespaces in SearcherPluginManagerMatthias Vandermaesen2014-10-041-3/+3
* added: plugin manager added to services.ymlMatthias Vandermaesen2014-10-041-0/+3
* added: a preliminary searcher plugin typeMatthias Vandermaesen2014-10-044-0/+314
* Added method stubs to the dummy backend.Mike Keran2014-10-041-1/+69
* Testing scaffolding plus facetapi -> facet_api namespace change.Mike Keran2014-10-042-2/+43
* Dummy backend test scaffolding.Mike Keran2014-10-041-0/+19
* Renaming facetapi to facet_api for consitency and conventional reasonsnickveenhof2014-10-0429-163/+163
* Adapting the adapter to use the interface correctlynickveenhof2014-10-041-24/+4