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* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-254-4/+0
* #1007580 by aspilicious: Remove unnecessary files[] declarations from .info f...Randy Fay2010-12-261-1/+0
* #929324 by ilo, rfay: Create actions example module.Randy Fay2010-12-132-108/+5
* #929504 by ilo: Add trigger_info_alter() example to trigger_exampleRandy Fay2010-10-142-1/+45
* #866440 by ralf: Fix missing and broken cvs IDsRandy Fay2010-08-112-1/+2
* #788350 by YesCT: Update many hook comments to D7 styleRandy Fay2010-05-071-2/+2
* #790780 #5 by rfay: Fix 3 of the four HEAD breaks.Randy Fay2010-05-061-4/+4
* by Dave Reid: Updating drupalPost() definition to match current D7 DrupalWebT...Dave Reid2010-04-181-3/+6
* #618578 by ilo, rfay: D7 trigger example moduleRandy Fay2010-02-104-109/+406
* by Dave Reid: Updated and standardized .info files.Dave Reid2009-10-041-1/+3
* Modules with 7.x info files, some updates, but not manyRandy Fay2009-10-031-1/+1
* Adding 6.x version of the rest of the example modules from docs directoryRandy Fay2009-10-032-0/+160