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authorRandy Fay2010-03-23 02:43:25 (GMT)
committer Randy Fay2010-03-23 02:43:25 (GMT)
commitaade1e16c901ffe43fe682998be06d3080d73624 (patch)
parentdb551a5c27c682335b2aad9641d67cea1d4502f8 (diff)
#714064 by ilo, chris_d_adams | rfay: Simpletest tutorial: Confusing initial test results when working through the tutorial. This time commiting to DRUPAL-6--1
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/simpletest_example/simpletest_example.test b/simpletest_example/simpletest_example.test
index 75f8fa2..7666576 100644
--- a/simpletest_example/simpletest_example.test
+++ b/simpletest_example/simpletest_example.test
@@ -52,12 +52,12 @@ class SimpletestExampleTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
// indicate that the examples module was failing tests.
if (!$this->runningOnTestbot()) {
+ // Make sure we don't get a 401 unauthorized response:
+ $this->assertResponse(200, t('User is allowed to edit the content.'));
- // Looking for text to determine whether we were successful opening edit
- // page.
- $this->assertText(t("Edit Simpletest Example Node Type @title", array('@title' => $settings['title'])), "Found Page edit title");
- // Looking for a DOM node by ID to see if we were successful.
- $this->assertFieldById('edit-title', '', 'Found edit-title field as indication that we got to the edit page');
+ // Looking for title text in the page to determine whether we were
+ // successful opening edit form.
+ $this->assertText(t("@title", array('@title' => $settings['title'])), "Found title in edit form");