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+Examples for Developers
-Examples modules
+This set of modules is intended to provide small working examples of Drupal's features and APIs. The modules strive to be simple, well documented and modification friendly to help developers quickly learn their inner workings, with a little reading and hands on experience.
-This set of modules is intended to show how to use various Drupal features.
-It's intended only for developers.
+You can have a quick glimpse at the current Examples in the demo site:
-If you find a problem, bad comment, poor usage, out-of-date API usage,
-etc., please post an issue in the issue queue at
+Suggestions, corrections and new examples are welcome. Don't be shy if you're just starting, as precisely because of that you will know the questions and problems of a newcomer better than a seasoned developer!
+1. Install Examples for Developers (unpacking it to your Drupal sites/all/modules directory if you're isntalling by hand, for example).
+2. Enable any Example modules in Admin menu > Site building > Modules.
+3. Rebuild access permissions if you are prompted to.
+4. Profit! The examples will appear in your Navigation menu (on the left side bar by default; you'll need to reenable it if you removed it).
+Now you can read the code and it's comments and see the result, experiment with it, and hopefully quickly grasp it's working.
+If you find a problem, incorrect comment, obsolete or improper code or such, please let us know by creating a new issue at