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masterHelper functions moved to and loaded only when needed. hook_...Chris Raynor6 years
7.x-1.0commit 97d59140bc...Chris Raynor6 years
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2011-05-07Helper functions moved to and loaded only when needed. hook_...HEAD7.x-1.0masterChris Raynor3-180/+197
2011-04-12README and INSTALL files merged to reflect help screen for module, and .insta...Chris Raynor4-42/+48
2011-04-06all coder minor errors fixed (mainly trailing spaces in comments)Chris Raynor1-23/+23
2011-04-06Removed pointless .install file with only a single function - and moved it ba...Chris Raynor2-20/+105
2011-04-06Merged api file into module source for reasons justified previouslyChris Raynor2-135/+229
2011-04-06Switched to plain text in README and INSTALL files instead of html for consis...Chris Raynor3-74/+45
2011-04-06README and INSTALL files redefined to better fit their purposes. Beginning to...Chris Raynor5-116/+163
2011-04-05cleaned up some whitespace and begun to add Doxygen commentsChris Raynor2-21/+28
2011-04-04bug fix - malformed string concatination syntax causing errorChris Raynor1-1/+1
2011-04-04help fileJames Tamplin1-0/+7