BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.x-38.xunderscore-1.8.3Wong Hoi Sing Edison13 months
7.x-39.xIssue #2353585 by mattsqd, imre.horjan, hswong3i: UUID export and import of m...hswong3i11 months
7.x-40.xcommerce_checkout_progress-7.x-1.4Wong Hoi Sing Edison11 months
7.x-41.xmeta-7.x-1.13Wong Hoi Sing Edison8 months
7.x-42.xsearch404-7.x-1.4Wong Hoi Sing Edison7 months
7.x-43.xcreate missing pictures folderWong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-44.xdrush -y fraWong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-50.xenable tmgmt by defaultWong Hoi Sing Edison2 months
8.x-0.xplupload-8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison5 months
8.x-1.xenable tmgmt by defaultWong Hoi Sing Edison2 months
8.x-1.3commit 9fe8b557ac...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-50.2commit 7848fd2fe3...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-50.1commit e1446928c8...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
8.x-1.2commit 29bfb727e1...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-50.0commit 2885ac9791...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
8.x-1.1commit cd5f5a8e64...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
8.x-1.0commit c1696b11db...Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-43.96commit 84a381a3e3...Wong Hoi Sing Edison7 months
7.x-42.95commit d536df9f70...Wong Hoi Sing Edison7 months
7.x-42.94commit d6256f7d2d...hswong3i8 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-07-11enable tmgmt by defaultHEAD8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison1-0/+7
2016-07-10update drustack_banner views8.x-1.3Wong Hoi Sing Edison1-4/+7
2016-07-10sync with 7.xWong Hoi Sing Edison10-9/+36
2016-07-08remove pathologic, not works with i18n8.x-1.2Wong Hoi Sing Edison5-36/+1
2016-07-07allow unlimited image being inserted8.x-1.1Wong Hoi Sing Edison1-1/+1
2016-06-29minor tweak on config export so can restore correctly during installation8.x-1.0Wong Hoi Sing Edison43-880/+5
2016-06-16KISSWong Hoi Sing Edison25-197/+0
2016-06-15update default config, create webmaster accountWong Hoi Sing Edison76-40/+652
2016-06-15update featuresWong Hoi Sing Edison19-33/+68
2016-06-13update default profile config with feature cexWong Hoi Sing Edison210-128/+3278