BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.x-36.xMove away make dep to drustack_core.Wong Hoi Sing Edison12 months
7.x-37.xRemove legacy patches.Wong Hoi Sing Edison10 months
7.x-38.xunderscore-1.8.3Wong Hoi Sing Edison8 months
7.x-39.xIssue #2353585 by mattsqd, imre.horjan, hswong3i: UUID export and import of m...hswong3i7 months
7.x-40.xcommerce_checkout_progress-7.x-1.4Wong Hoi Sing Edison6 months
7.x-41.xmeta-7.x-1.13Wong Hoi Sing Edison3 months
7.x-42.xsearch404-7.x-1.4Wong Hoi Sing Edison9 weeks
7.x-43.xblock_titlelink-7.x-1.5Wong Hoi Sing Edison36 hours
8.x-0.xplupload-8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison8 days
8.x-1.xenable more modulesWong Hoi Sing Edison3 days
7.x-43.96commit 84a381a3e3...Wong Hoi Sing Edison9 weeks
7.x-42.95commit d536df9f70...Wong Hoi Sing Edison9 weeks
7.x-42.94commit d6256f7d2d...hswong3i3 months
7.x-41.93commit 1e5d2fc124...Wong Hoi Sing Edison6 months
7.x-41.92commit 8d059585e6...Wong Hoi Sing Edison6 months
7.x-40.91commit fb1d49cc22...Wong Hoi Sing Edison7 months
7.x-39.90commit 916b6d8982...hswong3i7 months
7.x-39.89commit bc8973354b...Wong Hoi Sing Edison8 months
7.x-39.88commit a082314093...Somya8 months
7.x-38.87commit 20dfdbcb1d...Wong Hoi Sing Edison10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysenable more modulesHEAD8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison1-0/+4
3 daysblog crash during installationWong Hoi Sing Edison1-1/+0
3 daysenable more modules by defaultWong Hoi Sing Edison1-0/+12
3 daysIssue #2714181 by hswong3i: composer.json should require "drupal/captcha: 8.1...hswong3i2-1/+3
3 daysIssue #2714169 by hswong3i: composer.json should require "drupal/core"hswong3i2-0/+3
4 daysldap-8.x-3.xWong Hoi Sing Edison2-2/+2
4 dayssimplenews_scheduler-8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison2-0/+7
4 daysstate_machine-8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison2-0/+7
4 daysprofile-8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison2-0/+7
4 daysaddress-8.x-1.xWong Hoi Sing Edison2-0/+7