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#1154380 by greg.1.anderson: Clean up Windows instructions in README to point user to Drush 3 or Drush 5.
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@@ -14,10 +14,7 @@ REQUIREMENTS
* To use drush from the command line, you'll need a CLI-mode capable PHP
binary. The minimum PHP version is 5.2.
-* Some drush commands run on Windows. We recommend you use a Unix-like OS (e.g Linux, OSX).
- If you must run Drush on Windows, you have to install Unix Tools from
- GnuWin32 ( More info
- about Drush on Windows available at
+* Drush 4 does not support Windows; see "For Windows", below.
* Drush works with Drupal 5, Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. However, occasionally
recent changes to the most recent version of Drupal can introduce issues
with drush. On Drupal 5, drush requires update_status v5.x-2.5 or later
@@ -87,20 +84,11 @@ For Linux/Unix/Mac:
If you have troubles, try using the -l and -r options when invoking drush. See below.
For Windows:
+ - Drush 4 does not support Windows. Consider using Drush 3 or Drush 5 instead.
- Consider using on Linux/Unix/OSX using Virtualbox or other VM. Windows support is lacking.
- - Follow step 1. Use drush by navigating to /path/to/drush
- and running 'drush.bat'.
- - You have to install gzip, libarchive, tar, wget, ncurses, and less executables. Go to
- and install the packages.
- Add the folder %ProgramFiles%\GnuWin32\bin to your PATH.
- Documentation can be found at
- - Whenever the documentation or the help text refers to
- 'drush [option] <command>' or something similar, 'drush' has to be replaced
- by 'drush.bat'.
- - If drush.bat is not working for you, either add the directory in which your
- php.exe resides to your PATH or edit drush.bat to point to your php.exe.
- - To disable the warning about Windows support, set $options['check_os'] = FALSE
- in drushrc.php. See examples/example.drushrc.php.
+ - The Drush 5 Windows installer can be found at
+ - Instructions for installing Drush 3 on Windows can be found at