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* Issue #2578805 by hussainweb: Upgrade to Symfony 2.7.5webchick2015-10-0561-1010/+1322
* Issue #2580527 by webflo, hussainweb, neclimdul: Revert vendor/bin/phpunitwebchick2015-10-051-7/+1
* Issue #2568595 by hussainweb, dawehner: Upgrade PHPUnit to latest 4.8.xwebchick2015-10-05111-602/+797
* Issue #2578815 by hussainweb: Upgrade behat/mink and behat/mink-goutte-driverwebchick2015-10-0572-654/+1210
* Issue #2576037 by unqunq, er.manojsharma, sdstyles, martins.kajins, Devaraj ↵webchick2015-10-022-2/+2
| | | | johnson, cilefen, Bojhan, Wim Leers: "Sorry" in user-facing errors violates the User Interface Standards
* Issue #2380389 by webflo, Mile23, davidwbarratt, timmillwood, hussainweb, ↵webchick2015-09-304790-0/+489187
tstoeckler, bojanz, yched, MKorostoff, alexpott, webchick: Use a single vendor directory in the root