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* Issue #98696 by sun, floretan, rszrama, zeta ζ, marvil07: Fixed various bugs...catch2011-12-193-53/+109
* Issue #256827 by sun, zeta ζ: Fixed Various bugs in theme_item_list().Nathaniel2011-09-283-50/+141
* - Patch #93357 by zeta ζ: system.theme.css adds border-top to all tables.Dries Buytaert2011-04-231-3/+0
* #984374 by zeta ζ: Remove duplicate code in toolbar module.Angie Byron2010-12-151-2/+1
* #279657 by zeta ζ: Code style improvement to locale module.Angie Byron2008-09-171-1/+3
* - Patch #158992 by sun, quicksketch, zeta ζ, bangpound, Dries et al: inline ...Dries Buytaert2008-08-021-3/+8
* - Patch #284721 by zeta ζ: translation simplifications.Dries Buytaert2008-07-191-4/+4
* - Patch #279620 by zeta ζ: made it easier to translate the teaser settings.Dries Buytaert2008-07-191-13/+8