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* Issue #2968452 by amateescu, timmillwood, jeqq, alexpott, Fabianx: Add a way ↵Lee Rowlands2018-11-133-11/+115
to execute a function in the context of a specific workspace (cherry picked from commit bc3348bb455c48f6b9db305be37a960e2b1011b1)
* SA-CORE-2018-006 by alexpott, attilatilman, bkosborne, catch, bonus, Wim ↵Lee Rowlands2018-10-1732-332/+829
Leers, Sam152, Berdir, Damien Tournoud, Dave Reid, Kova101, David_Rothstein, dawehner, dsnopek, samuel.mortenson, stefan.r, tedbow, xjm, timmillwood, pwolanin, njbooher, dyates, effulgentsia, klausi, mlhess, larowlan
* Issue #2988562 by jeqq, amateescu, timmillwood: Classes that extend ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-08-2215-63/+78
SqlContentEntityStorageSchema should not hardcode table names and use the ones provided by the storage instead
* Issue #2962764 by timmillwood, amateescu, catch, Fabianx: Better explain ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-08-211-7/+9
_initialPublished process (cherry picked from commit 44396edfec1827a3d3966dbec80348c804048c66)
* Issue #2981887 by amateescu, joachim, jibran, chr.fritsch, Manuel Garcia, ↵Francesco Placella2018-07-2714-9/+1091
timmillwood, plach, Wim Leers, Gábor Hojtsy, Berdir, jojototh, pameeela, dawehner, catch, Bojhan, Fabianx, Jo Fitzgerald: Add a publishing status to taxonomy terms (cherry picked from commit 543b3f4ed3b00da642c98660e4a4072feceada75)
* Issue #2987057 by timmillwood: Make Sam152 a Content Moderation maintainerLee Rowlands2018-07-271-0/+1
(cherry picked from commit c5afff34475d9406934a9e82981886c7ba3f0d64)
* Issue #2916780 by amateescu, timmillwood, alexpott: Rename to "workspaces"Francesco Placella2018-07-2486-421/+432
(cherry picked from commit ab30572ce69014ca4877f31ef383e9b7c07e058f)
* Issue #2949991 by timmillwood, amateescu, doublealpha, lauriii, ↵Francesco Placella2018-07-1611-108/+406
| | | | | | andrewmacpherson, plach, effulgentsia, yoroy, webchick: Add workspace UI in top dialog (cherry picked from commit 538a93453257040474c6cf3f6377f86d0cb835b2)
* Issue #2975334 by amateescu, Wim Leers, plach, effulgentsia, webchick, ↵effulgentsia2018-07-1610-26/+269
timmillwood, yoroy: Prevent changes that would leak into the Live workspace (cherry picked from commit 4ea4c13f7bd3bbf37e4354046edeccd011afe6f2)
* Issue #2958752 by amateescu, timmillwood, catch: Refactor workspace content ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-07-1121-606/+224
replication plugin system to three services
* Issue #2971699 by amateescu, timmillwood, catch, plach, Sam152: Content ↵webchick2018-07-062-0/+30
Moderation and Workspace don't work together
* Issue #2981915 by amateescu, timmillwood: Update MenuLinkContent to use ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-284-15/+120
* Issue #2968875 by timmillwood, amateescu: Bring back the query parameter ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-223-2/+64
workspace negotiator
* Issue #2952307 by chr.fritsch, Sam152, timmillwood: Move workflow config ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-1930-63/+232
into standard profile
* Issue #2851228 by timmillwood, matthieuscarset, Manuel Garcia, Sam152, ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-05-314-2/+56
Gábor Hojtsy, yoroy, tstoeckler, alexpott, Shiraz Dindar, Fabianx, nbchip: Warn users of what features are not available on a given entity type
* Issue #2916781 by timmillwood, tedbow, drpal, lauriii, Adita, ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-05-2914-82/+387
andrewmacpherson, yoroy, amateescu, borisson_, ckrina: Allow off-canvas dialog to be rendered at the top of the page
* Issue #2949363 by vaplas, Mile23, timmillwood, alexpott, Lendude: Impossible ↵Alex Pott2018-05-182-1/+16
to make trigger_error in some files without test fails
* Issue #2971779 by timmillwood, amateescu, alexpott, Sam152: Disallow ↵Alex Pott2018-05-152-1/+31
moderation of internal entity types
* Issue #2961691 by alexpott, Berdir, timmillwood, idebr: Change ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-1126-68/+119
* Issue #2940830 by Sam152, catch, amateescu, timmillwood: Provide explicit ↵Alex Pott2018-05-072-23/+150
test coverage for isDefaultRevisionPublished and its usage within ModerationStateFieldItemList
* Issue #2784921 by amateescu, timmillwood, pk188, plach, catch, Fabianx, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-0480-1/+7045
dixon_, dawehner, borisson_, Sam152, yoroy, webchick, phenaproxima, larowlan: Add Workspaces experimental module
* Issue #2896535 by timmillwood, tedbow: Create a helper trait for Forms in ↵Alex Pott2018-04-079-52/+32
ajax dialogs
* Issue #2927408 by Anas_maw, Erik Frèrejean, timmillwood, Sam152, catch: ↵Alex Pott2018-04-042-0/+7
Default value not correctly set in the ModerationStateWidget
* Issue #2944531 by trwill, timmillwood, Berdir: User performing revert should ↵Alex Pott2018-04-033-2/+25
be set as revision author (revision_uid)
* Issue #2952544 by hexblot, Sam152, timmillwood: Provide a reason for ↵Alex Pott2018-03-294-5/+5
AccessResult::forbidden() in latest revision
* Issue #2952461 by timmillwood: OffCanvasTest is set as @group settings_tray ↵Alex Pott2018-03-191-1/+1
when it's not any more
* Issue #2865223 by timmillwood, amateescu: Node type form alter sets new ↵Alex Pott2018-03-082-1/+5
revision to false on subsequent saves
* Issue #2940890 by plach, Wim Leers, effulgentsia, matsbla, timmillwood: ↵Gabor Hojtsy2018-03-068-32/+493
Don’t allow deleting revision translations in pending revisions
* Issue #2942497 by scott_euser, timmillwood, malcomio, Berdir: Using content ↵Alex Pott2018-02-122-0/+19
moderation block in preview mode causes EntityStorageException
* Issue #2860097 by plach, timmillwood, Sam152, Wim Leers, hchonov, catch, ↵effulgentsia2018-02-0616-162/+560
amateescu, matsbla: Ensure that content translations can be moderated independently
* Issue #2941736 by plach, Sam152, amateescu, timmillwood: Moderation state ↵effulgentsia2018-02-057-10/+1717
revisions should have their isDefaultRevision() match the host entity's
* Issue #2915398 by Sam152, amateescu, timmillwood, plach, mstef: The ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-01-293-28/+86
moderation_state field is not computed during the creation of a new entity translation
* Issue #2897132 by timmillwood, Sam152, amateescu, pameeela, xjm, Wim Leers, ↵xjm2018-01-279-21/+89
webchick, lauriii, esod: Mark Content Moderation module as stable
* Issue #2924812 by Sam152, plach, Wim Leers, timmillwood, xjm: Deprecate ↵effulgentsia2018-01-266-181/+60
EntityRevisionConverter in content_moderation
* Issue #2931765 by timmillwood, Wim Leers: Regression: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-01-245-32/+45
\Drupal\hal\LinkManager\LinkManagerBase implicitly depends on REST module
* Issue #2938895 by plach, Wim Leers, hchonov, timmillwood: Make ↵effulgentsia2018-01-246-16/+238
EntityConverter load the latest translation-affecting revision for translated entities
* Issue #2809635 by markconroy, navneet0693, alexpott, smaz, larowlan, Eli-T, ↵webchick2018-01-19259-18/+10717
webchick, yoroy, ikit-claw, budda, kjay, timmillwood, tkoleary, Gábor Hojtsy, andrewmacpherson, lauriii, JayKandari, jibran, ok_lyndsey, big_man, ckrina, nathancz, Paul_Gregory, vijaycs85, SharJay, tomphippen, tim.plunkett, Tarun Lewis, cehfisher, kreynen, Petr Illek, mariohernandez, thamas, thatdamnqa, John Cook, philipnorton42, h2cm, kattekrab, martin_q, waako: Create experimental installation profile
* Issue #2902187 by amateescu, timmillwood, Sam152, webchick, Manuel Garcia, ↵webchick2018-01-157-0/+1125
xjm, plach, DuneBL, larowlan, Bojhan, jibran, Berdir, jojototh: Provide a way for users to moderate content
* Issue #2885469 by Wim Leers, amateescu, timmillwood, alexpott, tstoeckler, ↵Alex Pott2018-01-139-14/+294
| | | | xjm, remram, Berdir, dawehner, larowlan, samuel.mortenson: Regression: manually setting the ID field for newly-created content entities is not possible anymore (public follow-up to SA-2017-002)
* Issue #2862041 by Sam152, amateescu, timmillwood, jibran, hamrant, dawehner, ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-1313-2/+1797
plach, Manuel Garcia, Jo Fitzgerald, mgalalm, xjm, larowlan, webchick, Wim Leers, gambry, kkus, tim.plunkett, tedbow, CatherineOmega: Provide useful Views filters for Content Moderation State fields
* Issue #2891215 by plach, timmillwood, hchonov, amateescu, catch, ↵effulgentsia2018-01-1216-7/+305
gabesullice: Add a way to track whether a revision was default when originally created
* Issue #2924724 by plach, hchonov, timmillwood, Gábor Hojtsy, amateescu, ↵effulgentsia2018-01-129-2/+768
gabesullice, catch: Add an API to create a new revision correctly handling multilingual pending revisions
* Issue #2926483 by plach, amateescu, effulgentsia, xjm, Sam152, timmillwood, ↵effulgentsia2018-01-0212-49/+289
| | | | jibran, larowlan, Gábor Hojtsy: Add API methods for determining whether an entity object is the latest (translation-affecting) revision
* Issue #2824851 by Wim Leers, arshadcn, amateescu, effulgentsia, tedbow, ↵effulgentsia2018-01-028-132/+138
timmillwood, cburschka, tstoeckler, Berdir, xjm, catch: EntityResource::patch() makes an incorrect assumption about entity keys, hence results in incorrect behavior
* Issue #2929496 by plach, hchonov, timmillwood, catch, Wim Leers, amateescu, ↵effulgentsia2017-12-2010-101/+187
Calystod, andypost: Add dedicated interfaces to group methods dealing with revision translation and clean up the related documentation
* Issue #2914938 by timmillwood, RajabNatshah, xjm, Manuel Garcia, amateescu, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-12-182-9/+15
Wim Leers: Preview of content - Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in _quickedit_entity_is_latest_revision() (line 196 of core/modules/quickedit/quickedit.module)
* Issue #2670966 by xjm, Crell, claudiu.cristea, alexpott, timmillwood, ↵effulgentsia2017-12-036-29/+130
rakesh.gectcr, catch, dawehner, David_Rothstein, hchonov, martin107, tstoeckler, andypost, cilefen, RobLoach, Fabianx, salvis, hussainweb, JeroenT, larowlan, pfrenssen, daffie, webchick, wturrell: Warn users of old PHP versions
* Issue #2865616 by Sam152, plach, dawehner, timmillwood, amateescu, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-244-8/+330
tim.plunkett: Add an option for EntityConverter to load the latest entity revision and fix all entity forms to use this option
* Issue #2922285 by mstef, timmillwood: Classes should use ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-152-9/+9
StateTransitionValidationInterface rather than StateTransitionValidation
* Issue #2282119 by amateescu, jibran, Jo Fitzgerald, yched, plach, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-1430-555/+731
timmillwood, fago, Sam152, larowlan: Make the Entity Field API handle field purging