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* Issue #2670966 by xjm, Crell, claudiu.cristea, alexpott, timmillwood, ↵effulgentsia10 days6-29/+130
rakesh.gectcr, catch, dawehner, David_Rothstein, hchonov, martin107, tstoeckler, andypost, cilefen, RobLoach, Fabianx, salvis, hussainweb, JeroenT, larowlan, pfrenssen, daffie, webchick, wturrell: Warn users of old PHP versions
* Issue #2865616 by Sam152, plach, dawehner, timmillwood, amateescu, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-244-8/+330
tim.plunkett: Add an option for EntityConverter to load the latest entity revision and fix all entity forms to use this option
* Issue #2922285 by mstef, timmillwood: Classes should use ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-152-9/+9
StateTransitionValidationInterface rather than StateTransitionValidation
* Issue #2282119 by amateescu, jibran, Jo Fitzgerald, yched, plach, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-1430-555/+731
timmillwood, fago, Sam152, larowlan: Make the Entity Field API handle field purging
* Issue #2901478 by Sam152, Jo Fitzgerald, timmillwood: Test ↵Lee Rowlands2017-10-101-0/+14
ModerationStateWidget::isApplicable with a BaseFieldOverride
* Issue #2902018 by harsha012, Meenakshi Gupta, vijaycs85, Sam152, ↵Lee Rowlands2017-10-091-3/+2
timmillwood, amateescu: Use array_column instead of array_map where possible in the Workflows module
* Issue #2898886 by Sam152, timmillwood: ContentModerationConfigureForm should ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-09-252-7/+20
use inline list in place of concatenated markup
* Issue #2875896 by Sam152, timmillwood: EntityRevisionConverter isn't invoked ↵Lee Rowlands2017-09-242-8/+50
if an entity definition doesn't explicitly set an "edit" form handler
* Issue #2886567 by timmillwood, Sam152, Manuel Garcia, Vj, xjm, tstoeckler: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-09-185-4/+135
Adding a workflow state or transition with an integer ID results in unrecoverable fatal errors
* Issue #2905000 by amateescu, timmillwood: Add a default filter on the ↵Lee Rowlands2017-09-157-76/+27
| | | | 'published' field in the base views wizard plugin for publishable entity types
* Issue #2820848 by timmillwood, amateescu, Pavan B S, Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, ↵Lee Rowlands2017-09-157-31/+147
claudiu.cristea: Make BlockContent entities publishable
* Issue #2890380 by timmillwood, amateescu, acrosman: Remove descriptions of ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-09-121-2/+1
permissions in Content Moderation
* Issue #2756519 by ZeiP, timmillwood, xjm, mradcliffe, dawehner, joelpittet, ↵xjm2017-09-1132-121/+121
Antti J. Salminen: Convert assertIdentical() to assertSame() for some uses in kernel tests that already have assertSame()'s parameter order
* Issue #2907316 by timmillwood: The entity type dialog title is a little oddxjm2017-09-072-21/+32
* Issue #2897130 followup by timmillwood, Wim Leers: Fix @internal documentation.xjm2017-09-062-0/+10
* Issue #2897130 by timmillwood, amateescu, Sam152, xjm: Mark workflows module ↵xjm2017-09-0613-46/+7
as stable
* Revert "Issue #2824851 by Wim Leers, arshadcn, amateescu, tedbow, ↵xjm2017-09-038-106/+141
| | | | | | timmillwood, Berdir, tstoeckler: EntityResource::patch() makes an incorrect assumption about entity keys, hence results in incorrect behavior" This reverts commit 3b3daa353f4c5ebd47d241aa1ac7e9af755f56f7.
* Issue #2899553 by timmillwood, Sam152, Wim Leers: Architectural review of ↵Lee Rowlands2017-09-0310-38/+30
the Workflows module
* Issue #2903524 by timmillwood, Sam152, amateescu, yoroy: Don't add quickedit ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-282-2/+59
to displays where entities have a forward revision
* Issue #2900421 by timmillwood, tim.plunkett, catch, Sam152: Architectural ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-2316-90/+122
| | | | review of the Content Moderation module
* Revert "Issue #2900421 by timmillwood, tim.plunkett, Sam152: Architectural ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-231-0/+1
review of the Content Moderation module" This reverts commit c7c9a329efc0b01fd757b25a61338a06bc0f67c5.
* Issue #2900421 by timmillwood, tim.plunkett, Sam152: Architectural review of ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-231-1/+0
the Content Moderation module
* Issue #2824851 by Wim Leers, arshadcn, amateescu, tedbow, timmillwood, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-228-141/+106
Berdir, tstoeckler: EntityResource::patch() makes an incorrect assumption about entity keys, hence results in incorrect behavior
* Issue #2881645 by jhedstrom, tstoeckler, Sam152, timmillwood, plach: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-182-1/+33
ContentModerationState 'workflow' column empty for all non-default translations
* Issue #2859455 by Sam152, vijaycs85, timmillwood, dawehner, Wim Leers: ↵xjm2017-08-152-5/+0
Remove superfluous @todos from content moderation
* Issue #2900700 by timmillwood: Add orderby to content_moderation schema ↵Lee Rowlands2017-08-152-14/+16
| | | | sequences
* Issue #2900320 by Sam152, timmillwood, Wim Leers: Remove workflow type ↵Lee Rowlands2017-08-1510-52/+254
checkWorkflowAcess() & "view content moderation" permission
* Issue #2896845 by amateescu, pk188, plach, timmillwood, Sam152: Provide the ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-1416-20/+199
'revision_translation_affected' base field by default for all revisionable and translatable entity types
* Issue #2900687 by timmillwood, Sam152, DuneBL: Fatal error when saving a ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-132-6/+89
node type without content moderation
* Issue #2898020 by amateescu, timmillwood: Simplify ContentModerationStateTestNathaniel Catchpole2017-08-112-82/+30
* Issue #2899395 by timmillwood, Wim Leers, jojototh, xjm, Bojhan, DyanneNova: ↵webchick2017-08-083-6/+31
Content Moderation form in displayed entity looks broken
* Issue #2753717 by timmillwood, amateescu, alexpott, mtodor, boaloysius, Jo ↵Lee Rowlands2017-08-0216-249/+385
Fitzgerald, phenaproxima, plach, gaurav.kapoor, tkoleary, yoroy, larowlan, karlos007, Berdir, Sam152: Add select field to choose moderation state on entity forms
* Issue #2896722 by Sam152, Wim Leers, tim.plunkett, larowlan, timmillwood: ↵Lee Rowlands2017-08-0125-316/+793
Leverage PluginWithFormsInterface to encapsulate @WorkflowType schema and clean up state/transition form methods
* Issue #2890364 by timmillwood, amateescu, plach, xjm: Replace all uses of ↵Lee Rowlands2017-07-3131-155/+152
"forward revision" with "pending revision"
* Issue #2893778 by timmillwood, Sam152, Wim Leers: Remove deprecated ↵Lee Rowlands2017-07-2933-676/+265
Workflows methods
* Issue #2876419 by Sam152, timmillwood, plach: Review content_moderation ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-2810-0/+23
module and mark code with @internal where necessary
* Issue #2830740 by timmillwood, amateescu, Sam152, alexpott, martin107, ↵Lee Rowlands2017-07-289-1/+378
plach, catch: Allow workflow types to lock certain changes to workflows once things are in use
* Issue #2849827 by Sam152, timmillwood, larowlan: Move workflow "settings" ↵Lee Rowlands2017-07-2729-690/+1116
setters and getters to WorkflowTypeInterface
* Issue #2785047 by tedbow, effulgentsia, Jo Fitzgerald, webchick, Wim Leers, ↵effulgentsia2017-07-264-8/+165
tkoleary, tim.plunkett, timmillwood, drpal, rootwork: In Outside In mode, form validation messages should appear in the off-canvas tray, not the main page
* Issue #2896063 by timmillwood, Sam152: Add a workflows.module component to ↵xjm2017-07-241-0/+3
drupal issue queue and MAINTAINERS.txt
* Issue #2858431 by amateescu, plach, catch, timmillwood, jhodgdon, pwolanin, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-218-191/+537
dawehner, vijaycs85, larowlan, yoroy: Book storage and UI is not revision aware, changes to drafts leak into live site
* Issue #2803875 by amateescu, timmillwood, mcdruid, shashikant_chauhan, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-204-32/+87
sidharthap, Manuel Garcia, Berdir: Node form meta information should not come from a theme
* Issue #2766957 by timmillwood, vijaycs85, plach, Sam152, Gábor Hojtsy, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-209-65/+379
catch, dawehner, alexpott, hchonov: Forward revisions + translation UI can result in forked draft revisions
* Issue #2858434 by amateescu, timmillwood, plach: (Followup to) menu changes ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-07-202-16/+41
from node form leak into live site when creating draft revision
* Issue #2858434 by amateescu, vijaycs85, plach, timmillwood, catch: Menu ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-184-0/+225
changes from node form leak into live site when creating draft revision
* Issue #2856363 by timmillwood, amateescu, plach, pk188, Mile23, catch, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-134-1/+179
dawehner, yoroy, vijaycs85, Bojhan: Path alias changes for draft revisions immediately leak into live site
* Issue #2863431 by Manuel Garcia, seanB, naveenvalecha, Gábor Hojtsy, ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-07-1111-90/+66
Berdir, tstoeckler, timmillwood, tacituseu, marcoscano: Change "Save and keep un-/published" buttons for media module
* Issue #2883868 by amateescu, Sam152, timmillwood, plach: Content Moderation ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-115-37/+98
decides to set a new revision as the default one way too late in the entity update process
* Issue #2861417 by Sam152, timmillwood, larowlan: Correctly handle entity ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-07-063-20/+153
validation of the moderation_state field when trying to save invalid states
* Issue #2885486 by seanB, timmillwood, tstoeckler, Wim Leers: Media entity is ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-07-056-0/+266
revisionable but doesn't have a revision link template