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* Issue #2942489 by idebr, Vidushi Mehta, susannecoates, Mukeysh, markconroy, ↵Lauri Eskola2018-05-222-4/+0
TaoStyle, matias, HAL 9000, seeallie: Links in footer could be more accessible
* Issue #2960797 by seeallie, susannecoates, TaoStyle, matias, ChrisDarke: ↵Lauri Eskola2018-04-301-1/+0
Footer of Umami, [find out more] links the whole div
* Issue #2285311 by joelpittet, tomatkins, susannecoates: Theme's "Path to ↵Alex Pott2016-05-192-0/+22
custom logo" always validated even if "Use the default logo" is set