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* Issue #1393094 by swentel, solotandem: Make the field prefix in Field ui ↵Alex Pott2013-06-175-5/+59
* Issue #1797200 by pillarsdotnet, boombatower, solotandem, ZenDoodles, sun, ↵Jennifer Hodgdon2012-10-0323-155/+155
xjm, yched, Damien Tournoud: (crediting those who worked on previous versions of this patch as well) Remove t() from test assertions in node module
* - Patch #1049116 by solotandem, David_Rothstein: module_enable() doesn't ↵Dries Buytaert2011-02-043-1/+36
account for version strings in dependencies[].
* #1005674 by solotandem: Fixed SelectQuery::countQuery() fails with a group ↵Angie Byron2010-12-282-3/+6
by expression
* #985804 by solotandem, jhodgdon: Errors array missing key in ↵Angie Byron2010-12-021-6/+5
hook_field_validate documentation
* #920600 by bojanz, solotandem: Fixed Document the deprecated parameter in ↵Angie Byron2010-11-206-13/+55
* #831966 by Heine, solotandem: Fixed unable to uncheck rows in tableselect ↵Angie Byron2010-10-211-1/+36
* #933922 by solotandem: Fix SimpleTest form displaying label and expander ↵Angie Byron2010-10-091-0/+4
arrow image on separate lines.
* - Patch #891476 by solotandem: improved code commentsDries Buytaert2010-10-031-2/+3
* - Patch #922062 by solotandem: test directory not created with ↵Dries Buytaert2010-09-251-1/+5
* - Patch #921802 by solotandem: eliminate PHP Notice: Undefined variable: ↵Dries Buytaert2010-09-241-0/+1
output in theme().
* - Patch #891084 by solotandem: FeedParserTestCase: add 'public static' ↵Dries Buytaert2010-09-071-1/+1
modifiers to getInfo() method.
* - Patch #899466 by solotandem: FileUsageTest: add 'public static' modifiers ↵Dries Buytaert2010-09-011-1/+1
to getInfo() method.
* #891476 by solotandem: Fixed Tableselect is missing a column header when not ↵Angie Byron2010-08-301-0/+5
multiple value.
* #500866 by boombatower, solotandem: Remove t() from assertion messages in ↵Angie Byron2010-08-0567-3734/+3710
SimpleTest, so translators do not get 1000s of bogus strings.
* - Patch #830304 by solotandem: drupal_mail() doc example using D6 syntax for ↵Dries Buytaert2010-07-281-4/+6
* - Patch #834710 by solotandem, jhodgdon: filter_xss() documentation does not ↵Dries Buytaert2010-06-241-12/+17
indicate a return value.
* - Patch #831732 by solotandem: system_update_7053 needs to check for ↵Dries Buytaert2010-06-232-15/+17
existence of menu_custom() table.
* - Patch #713028 by hefox, jhodgdon, solotandem: drupal_system_listing() ↵Dries Buytaert2010-04-301-24/+44
indicates incorrect key values.
* #779390 by solotandem: Fixed esoteric invalid syntax bugs in core found by ↵Angie Byron2010-04-235-6/+6
| | | | Grammar Parser module.
* #758690 by solotandem: Set the user agent for Unit Test Case for consistency ↵Angie Byron2010-04-231-0/+3
with Web Test Case.
* #713028 by hefox and solotandem: Fixed drupal_system_listing() documentation ↵Angie Byron2010-02-171-8/+8
indicates incorrect key values.
* - Patch #534480 by solotandem: change explode to implode in the documentation.Dries Buytaert2009-07-301-1/+1
* #244662 by solotandem and catch: Fix taxonomy_vocabulary_load() when called ↵Angie Byron2008-09-242-3/+59
multiple times.
* - Patch #241629 by solotandem: the cron.php query left an extra row in the ↵Dries Buytaert2008-04-021-1/+1
watchdog table due to a off-by-one error.