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* Issue #2919373 by tedbow, Wim Leers, Adita, webchick, Berdir, drpal, xjm, ↵HEAD8.5.xwebchick16 hours10-24/+335
samuel.mortenson, bircher: Prevent Settings Tray functionality for blocks that have configuration overrides (cherry picked from commit 4e66ea208f6f12c4c3e7da87f5e7c62b14ffda1d)
* Issue #2885469 by Wim Leers, amateescu, timmillwood, alexpott, tstoeckler, ↵Alex Pott7 days9-14/+294
xjm, remram, Berdir, dawehner, larowlan, samuel.mortenson: Regression: manually setting the ID field for newly-created content entities is not possible anymore (public follow-up to SA-2017-002) (cherry picked from commit 4fbf9977921ca3b307f2928f6347ebee4cffdf18)
* Issue #2934178 by samuel.mortenson, DyanneNova, xjm, yoroy, ↵webchick8 days8-26/+17
andrewmacpherson: Contrast issues with off-canvas dialog styling
* Issue #2923004 by tedbow, bircher, samuel.mortenson, alexpott, Wim Leers, ↵Lee Rowlands10 days2-1/+158
axel.rutz, Berdir, borisson_, xjm, tim.plunkett: Add method to check if any overrides are applied to \Drupal\Core\Config\Config
* Issue #2934499 by samuel.mortenson: Adjust foccus styling for the Settings ↵xjm12 days2-6/+16
Tray [x] close button to match the dialog system
* Issue #2918500 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, tedbow, larowlan, jibran, Wim ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-057-23/+898
| | | | Leers, phenaproxima, amateescu, borisson_, samuel.mortenson, gaurav.kapoor, KarlShea, hctom, mroycroft, neerajsingh, DamienMcKenna, dsnopek, Xano, TravisCarden, Tim Bozeman: Create a block which can render entity fields
* Issue #2915759 by samuel.mortenson, tedbow, xjm, yoroy: :focus is is hard to ↵xjm2018-01-044-6/+2
see for links in the off-canvas dialog
* Issue #2660124 by tim.plunkett, samuel.mortenson, phenaproxima, tstoeckler, ↵xjm2017-10-3013-0/+680
yoroy, dead_arm, xjm, Manuel Garcia, EclipseGc, larowlan, DyanneNova, tedbow: Dynamically build layout icons based on well formed config
* Issue #2910005 by catch, samuel.mortenson: JavaScript errors thrown when ↵Lauri Eskola2017-09-302-4/+6
viewing non-latest default revision of entity
* Issue #2694535 by WidgetsBurritos, samuel.mortenson, Manuel Garcia, idebr, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-06-293-13/+130
tstoeckler, metzlerd, larowlan: Support rect property and nested render arrays in html_tag for dynamic SVGs
* SA-CORE-2017-003 by Berdir, David_Rothstein, Wim Leers, alexpott, catch, ↵Chris McCafferty2017-06-2112-8/+282
cilefen, larowlan, mlhess, pwolanin, quicksketch, samuel.mortenson, smaz, stefan.r, xjm
* Issue #2831274 by slashrsm, seanB, Wim Leers, chr.fritsch, phenaproxima, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-05-1972-1/+6420
naveenvalecha, marcoscano, webflo, Gábor Hojtsy, amateescu, Boobaa, iMiksu, mtodor, effulgentsia, xjm, Berdir, tim.plunkett, dawehner, tkoleary, tstoeckler, tedbow, alexpott, yoroy, catch, Bojhan, andypost, jhedstrom, jibran, aspilicious, boztek, cbr, bigbaldy, alex0412, dagmar, blueminds, ekes, Dave Reid, Sam152, bojanz, pixelmord, jonathanshaw, CTaPByK, webchick, samuel.mortenson, dbt102, dishabhadra,, rakesh.gectcr, rasikap, paranojik, pameeela, neardark, NormySan, Primsi, nicolas.rafaelli, romainj, royal121,, vpeltot, woprrr, vilepickle, toni04, scheban, tduong, temkin, tim-e, mbovan, mashermike, felribeiro, giancarlosotelo, hctom, euphoric_mv,, edurenye, eelkeblok, H1ghlander, Jaesin, hkirsman, ja_ca, NickWilde, joachim, joshi.rohit100, marcingy, NerOcrO, Mixologic, jcisio, jfrederick, Lukas von Blarer, Maouna: Bring Media entity module to core as Media module
* SA-CORE-2017-002 by alexpott, xjm, larowlan, Wim Leers, samuel.mortenson, ↵xjm2017-04-191-0/+13
Berdir, dawehner, tstoeckler, catch (cherry picked from commit 6b7f47fc3a9e08aa64a73faaa25dd0ddb8f33dd8)
* Issue #2831924 by tedbow, samuel.mortenson, drpal, Devin Carlson, ↵webchick2017-03-251-42/+55
tim.plunkett, droplet: Outside In is intermittently unable to bind dialog events to the window
* SA-CORE-2017-001 by alexpott, benjy, Berdir, casey, cilefen, dawehner, ↵Chris McCafferty2017-03-1510-21/+109
Heine, klausi, larowlan, Mixologic, mlhess, pwolanin, samuel.mortenson, Wim Leers, xjm, YesCT
* Issue #2796173 by tim.plunkett, samuel.mortenson, xjm, jibran, effulgentsia, ↵effulgentsia2017-01-2527-0/+1868
dawehner, swentel, tedbow, phenaproxima, larowlan, yoroy, dsnopek, tacituseu, japerry, webchick, amateescu, aspilicious: Add experimental Field Layout module to allow entity view/form modes to switch between layouts
* Issue #2826763 by tedbow, samuel.mortenson: Outside In motion selectors not ↵Alex Pott2016-12-051-2/+2
scoped down enough
* Issue #2421427 by samuel.mortenson, droplet, dawehner, nod_, Cottser, Wim ↵webchick2016-11-1520-0/+1431
Leers, xjm, Gábor Hojtsy, Bojhan, tstoeckler, webchick, naveenvalecha, alexpott, LewisNyman, chris_h, Manjit.Singh, phenaproxima, avitslv, yoroy, tim.plunkett, Mixologic, ipwa, slashrsm: Improve the UX of Quick Editing single-valued image fields
* Issue #2782309 by samuel.mortenson, martin107: Refactor File and Image ↵Alex Pott2016-10-032-58/+73
related image field creation logic into a new trait
* Issue #2738567 by jmuzz, mtift, claudiu.cristea, dawehner, samuel.mortenson: ↵Alex Pott2016-09-262-99/+176
Add test trait for drupalGetTestFiles and drupalCompareFile
* Issue #2640464 by samuel.mortenson, Chernous_dn, droplet, Wim Leers: Links ↵Scott Reeves2016-08-111-4/+12
styled as buttons not placed inside Dialog's button pane — prevents "cancel" link/button from showing up
* Issue #2757475 by samuel.mortenson, marcoscano, Wim Leers: CKEditor's ↵webchick2016-07-192-0/+8
styling forces 16x16px icons, but Drupal's CKEditor toolbar configuration UI doesn't match that restriction, causing visual problems
* Issue #2700495 by ronaldtebrake, droplet, samuel.mortenson, jibran, nod_: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2016-05-131-0/+83
Method removing expired drupalSettings.ajax tries to remove settings when there is no ajax defined
* Issue #1611954 by tim.plunkett, sun, samuel.mortenson, Berdir, mgifford, ↵Alex Pott2015-08-315-0/+199
chx: Setting #access = FALSE on a vertical tab does not prevent input processing of the contained form elements
* Issue #2554219 by nod_, larowlan, tim.plunkett, regilero, droplet, japerry, ↵effulgentsia2015-08-268-9/+145
samuel.mortenson, Pere Orga, effulgentsia, benjy, Gábor Hojtsy, greggles, Wim Leers, David_Rothstein, pwolanin, neclimdul, EclipseGc, znerol: Port Cross-site Scripting - Ajax system fixes from SA-CORE-2015-003 to Drupal 8
* Issue #2554873 by samuel.mortenson: Log message in ↵Alex Pott2015-08-221-1/+1
Drupal\rest\Plugin\rest\resource\EntityResource::patch() missing Entity ID
* Issue #2304399 by er.pushpinderrana, undertext | samuel.mortenson: Fixed ↵Alex Pott2014-07-286-13/+13
"class" attribute in drupal_render should be an array.