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* Issue #2643206 by aofficer, Sakthivel M, seanpclark, Risse, gnuget, ↵Scott Reeves2016-08-012-0/+33
johnrosswvsu, therealssj, Anishnirmal, drnikki, Manjit.Singh, waybigsky, Truptti, Chi, prateekS, soumyajit.basu, psebborn, emma.maria, starshaped, stpaultim: Bartik: fix button layout appearance on node add/edit form (small devices)
* Issue #2330661 by jwilson3, Risse, amitgoyal: Node form layout bug when ↵Alex Pott2015-01-111-13/+0
toolbar collapsed
* Issue #1077578 by mgifford, mjohnq3, sqndr,, pwieck, rpayanm, ↵Alex Pott2014-11-182-7/+7
Risse, visabhishek: [Followup] Convert bartiks page.tpl.php to HTML5
* Issue #2123225 by Jelle_S, attiks, Risse, bradklaver | Wim Leers: Fixed Do ↵Alex Pott2014-09-115-8/+8
not upscale by default.
* Issue #1898478 by joelpittet, Cottser, lokapujya, m1r1k, jstoller, ↵Alex Pott2014-09-099-136/+141
er.pushpinderrana, duellj, organicwire, jessebeach, idflood, Jalandhar, Risse, derheap, galooph, mike.roberts, tlattimore, nadavoid, LinL, steveoliver, chakrapani, likin, killerpoke, EVIIILJ, vlad.dancer, podarok, m86 | c4rl: - Convert theme_ functions to Twig.
* Issue #314385 by penyaskito, Pancho, mgifford, jjcarrion, jlbellido, ↵Alex Pott2014-08-126-2/+116
akalata, alimac, jday, Risse, stBorchert | emmajane: Make position of #description configurable via the API.
* Issue #2228625 by Sam152, Risse: Fixed Ensure toolbar items do not flow on ↵Dries2014-05-281-1/+1
to two lines in the Manage tray .
* Issue #1938938 by duellj, Risse: Convert theme_user_admin_permissions() to ↵Alex Pott2013-07-202-78/+40
table #type.
* Issue #1801268 by falcon03, mgifford, Risse, heddn, larowlan: Change link ↵Alex Pott2013-06-066-35/+35
field 'title' field to 'link text'.
* Issue #1591806 by tim.plunkett, ryanissamson, jenlampton, Risse, psynaptic, ↵webchick2013-03-0543-53/+52
Gábor Hojtsy, kmcculloch, pakmanlh, Rob Loach: Change block 'subject' so that it's called (admin_)label like everything else on the theme layer.
* Issue #1663130 by droplet, Risse, Rob Loach, barraponto, dnotes: Clean up ↵webchick2012-11-072-21/+21
css in Locale.
* Issue #1760530 by jenlampton, Albert Volkman, crazyrohila, Risse, justafish, ↵catch2012-10-0535-3/+2
Fabianx: Move all template files provided by core modules and themes into a 'templates' directory inside that module directory.
* - removing the blot it link when the blog module is not loaded and the userKjartan Mannes2002-09-143-9/+21
does not have access to post content. (Patch by Pierre Gorissen)