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* Issue #2362435 by hampercm, markdorison, Alienpruts, lokapujya, Wim Leers, ↵xjm2016-07-272-5/+61
deepakaryan1988, amateescu, martin107, alvar0hurtad0, sdelbosc, tadityar, nlisgo, timmillwood, Palashvijay4O, googletorp, kerby70, adamzimmermann, tstoeckler, dawehner, tkoleary, Crell, legolasbo: When viewing a revision, the Quick Edit, Edit, and Delete contextual link operations are available, but should not be
* Issue #2468151 by lhangea, rpayanm, Palashvijay4O: Rename the CacheContexts ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2015-04-1616-72/+72
service to CacheContextsManager
* Issue #2296445 by Palashvijay4O, pjonckiere, er.pushpinderrana, roderik, ↵Jennifer Hodgdon2015-04-131-0/+14
blazey: Batch API: Overriding the queue class and name is not documented
* Issue #2418559 by Palashvijay4O, chintan4u, rteijeiro: Fix comment ↵Alex Pott2015-04-121-15/+22
formatting in /core/modules/rest/src/Tests/CreateTest.php
* Issue #2457271 by rteijeiro, Palashvijay4O, Cottser: More cleanup of the ↵webchick2015-03-295-7/+7
'themeable' documentation group
* Issue #2452371 by Palashvijay4O: Remove @addtogroup themeable from ↵Alex Pott2015-03-201-9/+2, only theme_indentation() needs it
* Issue #2367747 by Palashvijay4O, andypost, Alienpruts, Cottser, ↵Alex Pott2015-03-1310-17/+22
er.pushpinderrana, gaurav.pahuja, pfrenssen, rpayanm, vadim.hirbu: Remove usage of system_rebuild_theme_data()
* Issue #2061879 by Palashvijay4O, chx: Remove Schema::copyTablewebchick2015-02-127-113/+0
* Issue #2350011 by rpayanm, Palashvijay4O, xq1003, zealfire, yoroy, ↵Alex Pott2015-01-181-1/+1
arunkumark: Too small/large font sizes for body text in CKEditor
* Issue #2214525 by Palashvijay4O: Remove unused Drupal\Core\Utility\Titlewebchick2014-12-293-33/+1
* Issue #2277739 by Palashvijay4O: Remove core/scripts/switch-psr4.shAlex Pott2014-11-181-321/+0
* Issue #2367745 by Palashvijay4O | gumanist: Remove drupal_var_export().Alex Pott2014-11-091-18/+0
* Issue #2361799 by Palashvijay4O | rpayanm: Remove drupal_strlen.Alex Pott2014-11-051-17/+0
* Issue #2361797 by rpayanm, Palashvijay4O, er.pushpinderrana: Remove usage of ↵Alex Pott2014-11-0519-23/+31