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* Issue #2619332 by joelpittet, jmarkel, Wim Leers, Berdir, chintan.vyas, ↵Alex Pott2015-12-105-7/+115
netsensei: Color scheme config changes aren't reflected in cached pages
* Issue #1982776 by netsensei, Dave Reid, plopesc: Formatters do not support ↵webchick2014-03-0711-13/+60
weights like widgets do.
* Issue #2050113 by swentel, longwave, Hydra, yched, marthinal, netsensei: PHP ↵Alex Pott2013-12-263-1/+22
notice on multiple items image field.
* Issue #2080067 by beowulf1416, netsensei: Remove Unused local variable ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2013-12-031-9/+0
$has_time from /core/modules/datetime/datetime.module.
* Issue #2073033 by claudiu.cristea, netsensei: Optimize file usage updates in ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2013-10-073-56/+83
file/image fields.
* Issue #1796316 by netsensei, swentel, jibran, zuuperman, amateescu: Convert ↵Alex Pott2013-04-194-317/+388
Link/URL widgets / formatters to plugin system.
* Issue #1949988 by amateescu, netsensei: Simplify field_entity_field_info() ↵catch2013-04-061-17/+14
now that all field types have a field item class.
* Issue #1770172 by netsensei, webflo, sun, linclark: Convert email module ↵catch2012-11-044-52/+96
widgets and formatters to Plugin system.
* #438224 by dww, sun, netsensei, vordude, et al: 'Post comments without ↵Angie Byron2010-10-0510-29/+43
approval' permission name is completely misleading.
* #439148 by netsensei, pp, and catch: Add tests for comment login/register ↵Angie Byron2009-06-201-10/+20
link for anonymous users.