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* Issue #1938900 by joelpittet, lokapujya, Cottser, lauriii, swentel, ↵webchick2015-10-234-172/+291
neochief, tstoeckler, andypost, duellj: Convert theme_field_ui_table into a template (DIE THEME FUNCTIONS DIE)
* Issue #2002722 by neochief: Improve maintainability by removing unused local ↵Alex Pott2013-06-091-4/+1
variables - core/includes/
* Issue #2002720 by neochief: Remove unused local variables - ↵catch2013-05-291-6/+2
| | | | core/includes/
* Issue #2002714 by neochief: Fixed Remove unused local variables - ↵catch2013-05-291-1/+0
* - Patch #602234 by rocket_nova, neochief: contact yourself tab in user ↵Dries2012-06-292-5/+22
profile when you're admin.
* #518364 by plach, neochief, Ryan Palmer: Fixed Nodes with one language don't ↵Angie Byron2010-10-252-9/+10
affect the language switcher block.
* - Patch #358315 by neochief, andypost, Damien Tournoud, catch, xurizaemon: ↵Dries Buytaert2010-03-021-10/+10
drupal_lookup_path() not respects alias' order.
* #86299 by pwolanin, neochief, fwalch, thePanz, et al: Security hardening: ↵Angie Byron2010-02-113-4/+104
Add 'current password' field to 'change password form'.
* - Patch #265265 by jhodgdon, neochief: phpdoc fix.Dries Buytaert2009-06-181-0/+2
* - Patch #358315 by neochief et al: drupal_lookup_path() not respects alias' ↵Dries Buytaert2009-06-022-5/+17