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* Issue #2957425 by tedbow, johndevman, mpotter, tim.plunkett, hawkeye.twolf, ↵webchick2018-08-2523-10/+2311
alexpott, Berdir, samuel.mortenson, xjm, kevincrafts, jibran, amateescu, larowlan, twfahey, EclipseGc, sjerdo, japerry, mtodor, phenaproxima, johnzzon, mglaman: Allow the inline creation of non-reusable Custom Blocks in the layout builder (cherry picked from commit 4ed41f4e8e630ee85793872de350ceda8464add7)
* Issue #2848089 by Sam152, mpotter, gnuget, kriboogh, joelpittet: Unable to ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-262-0/+34
set a moderation_state value for unsaved entities that are assigned an ID
* Issue #2788777 by alexpott, bircher, jribeiro, Eli-T, mpotter, douggreen, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-2029-58/+662
GoZ, DamienMcKenna, Dane Powell, jibran, szeidler, Alumei, andypost, dawehner, johndevman: Allow a site-specific profile to be installed from existing config