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* Issue #1987814 by juampy, tim.plunkett, lliss, kushrohra: Convert ↵webchick2013-09-0516-157/+251
system_admin_menu_block_page() to a new style controller.
* Issue #1740470 by nick_schuch, rbayliss, patrickd, lliss, larowlan, webflo: ↵Dries2013-01-186-0/+311
added a new phone number field type.
* Issue #1071818 by JeremyFrench, nod_, reglogge, anthbel, xjm, sun, ↵webchick2012-07-077-2/+81
NROTC_Webmaster, lliss, Cottser: Fixed Lazy-loading CSS fails in IE.
* Issue #1571104 by BTMash, Dave.Ingram, mradcliffe, Damien Tournoud, sun, ↵webchick2012-07-074-6/+99
lliss, lkiss80: Fixed Can't access non-node entities with EntityFieldQuery.