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* Issue #2031641 by aburrows, lauriii, nlisgo, Pol, redsquid, tuutti, ↵Alex Pott2015-04-1641-139/+141
LewisNyman, akalata, agviu, kallehauge, _nolocation, rpayanm, saki007ster, mdrummond, RavindraSingh, brahmjeet789: Change active class to is-active
* Issue #2349767 by mortendk, kallehauge, saki007ster, lauriii: Copy toolbar ↵Alex Pott2015-02-062-3/+50
templates to Classy
* Issue #2276203 by webflo, lauriii, nlisgo, kallehauge, Snipon: Fixed CSS ↵Alex Pott2014-10-292-1/+25
Aggregation breaks URLs with Query String.