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* Issue #1028092 by jbrown, chi, eojthebrave , dixon_, justinrandell, ↵webchick2011-06-153-3/+77
Sweetchuck: Fixed critical: Default image is not set to permanent and saved to the wrong schema.
* - Patch #935592 by pillarsdotnet, justinrandell, sivaji, alpritt, Owen ↵Dries Buytaert2011-05-131-62/+52
Barton: user picture is deleted after calls to user_save().
* - Patch #745590 by justinrandell, effulgentsia, yched, quicksketch, ↵Dries Buytaert2010-11-136-18/+159
eojthebrave: #managed_file() element does not work when #extended not TRUE, or when ancestor element doesn't have #tree=TRUE.
* - Patch #937562 by tim.plunkett, chx, justinrandell: fatal Error Call to a ↵Dries Buytaert2010-10-112-1/+23
member function getDirectoryPath() on a non-object when Default picture is set.
* #700380 by mitchmac, Dave Reid, mfb, Ryan Palmer, justinrandell: Fix sorting ↵Angie Byron2010-10-072-5/+30
in tableselect if #weight is not set.
* - Patch #851878 by justinrandell, flobruit, ksenzee, aaron, litwol, Damien ↵Dries Buytaert2010-08-232-0/+22
| | | | Tournoud: added missing files.
* - Patch #851878 by justinrandell, flobruit, ksenzee, aaron, litwol: serve ↵Dries Buytaert2010-08-222-96/+107
image derivatives from the same url they are generated from.
* - Patch #323477 by justinrandell, boombatower, tstoeckler, Damien Tournoud: ↵Dries Buytaert2010-08-227-7/+51
increase simpletest speed by running on a simplified profile.
* - Patch #747252 by justinrandell, dhthwy, aspilicious: cannot extract themes ↵Dries Buytaert2010-07-294-12/+69
| | | | and modules.
* - Patch #822108 by jhodgdon, aaronbauman, justinrandell: rediscover ↵Dries Buytaert2010-07-291-0/+5
bootstrap hook implementations during cache clear.
* #715108 follow-up by Damien Tournoud, justinrandell: Fixed SQLite Merge queries.Angie Byron2010-07-031-1/+63
* #841242 by justinrandell, Stevel: Fixed HEAD BROKEN: some file/image tests ↵Angie Byron2010-06-303-23/+38
are failing.
* #838040 by justinrandell, azriprajwala: Fixed notices thrown when adding a ↵Angie Byron2010-06-272-3/+4
stock field to a stock content type.
* - Patch #715108 by Damien Tournoud, Berdir, Josh Waihi, Crell, chx, ↵Dries Buytaert2010-06-262-135/+48
justinrandell: Make merge queries more consistent and robust.
* #569206 by mikey_p, justinrandell: Fixed body field re-added when node type ↵Angie Byron2010-06-242-2/+24
settings are re-saved.
* - Patch #813492 by chx, Damien Tournoud, justinrandell: HTTPS sessions use ↵Dries Buytaert2010-06-143-19/+83
an invalid merge query.
* - Patch #823500 by justinrandell, chx: () should always reflect ['HTTPS'] ↵Dries Buytaert2010-06-101-2/+2
even if () is http.
* #797024 follow-up by justinrandell: Remove critical performance regression ↵Angie Byron2010-06-081-5/+9
due to stale file time values.
* #797024 by pwolanin, justinrandell: Fixed Moving a class between files can ↵Angie Byron2010-06-061-53/+58
cause SQL errors on registry rebuild.
* #757214 by justinrandell, scor: Fixed D6->D7 update.php failure: Fatal ↵Angie Byron2010-04-201-30/+3
error: Class 'MergeQuery_mysql()'.
* - Patch #347959 by sun, Damien Tournoud, justinrandell, scor, chx: ↵Dries Buytaert2010-03-025-60/+57
modules_installed() was broken during testing.
* #618654 by Steven Merrill, justinrandell, jim0203, quicksketch, and ↵Angie Byron2010-02-173-0/+37
David_Rothstein: Fixed File and image fields are treated as temporary files and automatically deleted after six hours.
* #281405 follow-up by Arancaytar, catch, Crell, and justinrandell: Reduce ↵Angie Byron2010-01-031-11/+28
memory consumption of menu_rebuild() by splitting huge query into multiple passes.
* - Patch #661420 by justinrandell, David_Rothstein: made installation of ↵Dries Buytaert2009-12-284-19/+34
modules much more efficient.
* #667410 by justinrandell: Fixed simpletest doesn't create a temporary files ↵Angie Byron2009-12-252-1/+4
* #605892 by ksenzee and justinrandell: Convert theme logo upload to ↵Angie Byron2009-12-242-37/+146
filestream wrappers (with tests so we don't break it again).
* #601548 follow-up by chx, Arancaytar, and justinrandell: Fix failures in ↵Angie Byron2009-12-231-8/+22
DBLog tests.
* #626790 by justinrandell: Fixed bug where drupal_write_record() returns ↵Angie Byron2009-12-062-2/+10
FALSE for valid update queries.
* - Patch #639434 by dereine, heather, Bojhan, justinrandell: clean up error ↵Dries Buytaert2009-11-302-6/+6
* - Patch #626688 by justinrandell, catch, chx: add caching for system_list().Dries Buytaert2009-11-263-29/+41
* - Patch #564852 by justinrandell, mcarbone, Crell: fixed subselect in WHERE ↵Dries Buytaert2009-11-232-2/+26
condition with multiple placeholders cause invalid/duplicate placeholders.
* - Patch #626688 by justinrandell: add caching for system_list(). Eliminate a ↵Dries Buytaert2009-11-221-1/+3
* #634440 follow-up by justinrandell: Fixed enabling/uninstalling modules.Angie Byron2009-11-211-2/+2
* - Patch #557542 by CorniI, catch, fago, Crell, sun | pwolanin, chx, ↵Dries Buytaert2009-09-273-7/+69
webchick, mattyoung, alexanderpas, justinrandell, dropcube, moshe weitzman, Damien Tournoud, Rob Loach, Dries: cache module_implements() for better performance and scalability.
* #517814 by jmstacey, justinrandell, pwolanin, drewish, Jody Lynn, aaron, ↵Angie Byron2009-08-1755-891/+1204
dopry, and c960657: Converted File API to stream wrappers, for enhanced private/public file handling, and the ability to reference other storage mechanisms such as s3:// and flicker://.
* - Patch #243129 by jrchamp, DamZ, mfb, catch, justinrandell, macgirvin, et ↵Dries Buytaert2009-07-081-23/+50
al: faster implementation of format_date(). Woot.
* - Patch #449198 by justinrandell: documentation update.Dries Buytaert2009-06-101-6/+2
* - Patch #254491 by chx, catch, justinrandell, pwolanin, David_Rothstein, et ↵Dries Buytaert2009-04-029-110/+177
| | | | al: centralized static caching to improve testability of the Drupal code, and to remove $reset-parameters. Thanks for taking the time to convince me, catch!
* - Patch #317775 by pwolanin, justinrandell: caching entire {menu_router} ↵Dries Buytaert2009-04-022-35/+53
table causes MySQL error/slow rebuilds and slows menu_link_save.
* #287178 by justinrandell: Break up various hook_form_alter()s to ↵Angie Byron2009-01-227-114/+161
* - Patch #353480 by dereine, justinrandell: remove from hook_comment().Dries Buytaert2009-01-045-54/+167
* - Patch #345866 by alexanderpas, justinrandell, Dave Reid: remove from ↵Dries Buytaert2008-12-1625-548/+961
* #340052 by justinrandell: Speed up SimpleTest by 15,000 orders of magnitude ↵Angie Byron2008-11-301-1/+12
by pre-loading the registry.
* #340500 by justinrandell: Fix silliness in that was loading the ↵Angie Byron2008-11-301-1/+1
db system twice for no apparent reason.
* - Patch #333143 by justinrandell: cleaning up the Drupal bootstrap code, ↵Dries Buytaert2008-11-2410-61/+26
removing bootstrap flag in system table.
* - Patch #336746 by justinrandell: fixed broken t() function call.Dries Buytaert2008-11-221-1/+1
* - Patch #334030 by justinrandell: replace module_list with module_implements ↵Dries Buytaert2008-11-157-38/+38
when calling a hook.
* - Patch #334238 by justinrandell: fixed update_get_project_name.Dries Buytaert2008-11-151-1/+1
* - Patch #325665 by chx, Damien Tournoud, justinrandell et al: improved the ↵Dries Buytaert2008-11-1110-89/+117
cache registry lookups.
* - Patch #298600 by chx, justinrandell, Damien, et al: make module_implements ↵Dries Buytaert2008-10-318-77/+153
work regardless of bootstrap phase.