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* Issue #2509694 by kfitz, joshi.rohit100, cilefen: The $name parameter for ↵Alex Pott2015-06-261-2/+2
UrlGenerator::getRoute() is documented incorrectly
* Issue #2505941 by JeroenT, joshi.rohit100: Remove deprecated methods on ↵Alex Pott2015-06-241-40/+0
BubbleableMetadata class
* Issue #2506655 by pguillard, joshi.rohit100: Database Schema class has no ↵Alex Pott2015-06-221-1/+4
doc block
* Issue #2483781 by borisson_, rbayliss, cilefen, mitalimehta, joshi.rohit100: ↵xjm2015-06-1641-98/+98
Move cache contexts classes from \Drupal\Core\Cache to \Drupal\Core\Cache\Context
* Issue #2503017 by joshi.rohit100: Rename the migration setting conf_path to ↵Alex Pott2015-06-114-6/+6
* Issue #2490936 by cbanman, joshi.rohit100, ashutoshsngh, andypost, Cottser: ↵Jennifer Hodgdon2015-06-092-15/+19
hook_library_info_alter() docs and function signature are slightly out of date
* Issue #2473215 by smccabe, joshi.rohit100, googletorp, drubb, sumitmadan, ↵Alex Pott2015-05-262-41/+25
m4olivei, jmolivas, darol100, meramo: Wrong text if no content types are available
* Issue #2476745 by joshi.rohit100, znerol, andile2012, webchick, Daniel ↵xjm2015-05-192-3/+3
Kanchev: Fix case of SuperNovaGenerator in HelpEmptyPageTest
* Issue #2486911 by mark.labrecque, joshi.rohit100: Garbled documentation in ↵Alex Pott2015-05-181-2/+2
* Issue #1862250 by amanire, Ivan Zugec, joates, yoroy, joshi.rohit100, ↵xjm2015-05-121-2/+4
acabouet, rpayanm: The "Trim length" format description is confusing/not clear to Drupal newcomers
* Issue #2448691 by joshi.rohit100, rpayanm, ameymudras, lakshminp: comment at ↵Alex Pott2015-05-121-5/+8
top of comment_hacks.css references removed function
* Issue #2484667 by joshi.rohit100, Berdir: Do not run query in node_cron() if ↵xjm2015-05-081-13/+15
search.module is not enabled
* Issue #2473813 by FMB, joshi.rohit100, darol100, ifrik, jhodgdon, xjm: ↵webchick2015-04-301-2/+2
Update hook_help text for Custom Menu Link module
* Issue #1882788 by jabberwooki, keopx, joshi.rohit100, jhodgdon: ↵xjm2015-04-211-8/+10
assertText/assertNoText doesn't really show what you could see in the browser (bad docs)
* Issue #2073075 by vanilla-bear, joshi.rohit100, swentel, marcingy, ↵xjm2015-04-204-11/+11
er.pushpinderrana, ACF, roderik: Don't call the t() function in OO code in the field_ui module
* Issue #2146045 by D Szkiba, joshi.rohit100, tyler.frankenstein, ↵xjm2015-04-192-4/+6
| | | | er.pushpinderrana, dajjen, jhodgdon, joachim: Document Field API allowed_values_function callback
* Revert "Issue #2146045 by D Szkiba, joshi.rohit100, tyler.frankenstein, ↵xjm2015-04-192-5/+3
| | | | | | er.pushpinderrana, dajjen, jhodgdon, joachim: Document Field API allowed_values_function callback" This reverts commit 3a0d4373597e1bf0b43e49f4692ec6990eab41ea.
* Issue #2146045 by D Szkiba, joshi.rohit100, tyler.frankenstein, ↵xjm2015-04-192-3/+5
er.pushpinderrana, dajjen, jhodgdon, joachim: Document Field API allowed_values_function callback
* Issue #2471557 by Reno Greenleaf, boris sondagh, joshi.rohit100, JinX-Be, ↵webchick2015-04-171-5/+5
ifrik, jhodgdon: Update hook_help text for Text module
* Issue #2472329 by joshi.rohit100, ifrik, Reno Greenleaf: Update hook_help ↵xjm2015-04-171-2/+2
text for Statistics module
* Issue #2471216 by joshi.rohit100, PieterJanPut, Wim Leers: render() should ↵webchick2015-04-151-5/+5
call the renderer service directly
* Issue #2467887 by joshi.rohit100: Rename drupalGetAJAX to drupalGetAjax for ↵webchick2015-04-156-12/+12
parity with drupalPostAjaxForm
* Issue #2469911 by joshi.rohit100: The edit image styles form's cancel link ↵Alex Pott2015-04-141-0/+1
should be styled a a button
* Issue #2469921 by joshi.rohit100: The appearance page doesn't have a primary ↵Alex Pott2015-04-141-0/+1
* Issue #2469889 by joshi.rohit100: The modules page doesn't have a primary buttonAlex Pott2015-04-141-0/+1
* Issue #2469939 by joshi.rohit100: The permissions page doesn't have a ↵Alex Pott2015-04-141-1/+5
primary button
* Issue #2430909 by anwar_max, wadmiraal, harshil.maradiya, joshi.rohit100, ↵Alex Pott2015-04-131-5/+4
ClientGuy: hook_theme_suggestions() hook_theme_suggestions_HOOK() documentation is incorrect about how the hook is invoked
* Issue #2464097 by joshi.rohit100: Add leading backslash to the test classes ↵Alex Pott2015-04-091-1/+1
| | | | on the simpletest UI
* Issue #2466647 by joshi.rohit100: Misspelt key in render array in ↵Alex Pott2015-04-091-1/+1
* Issue #2450153 by josephleon, damiankloip, joshi.rohit100, anksy: Add a ↵Alex Pott2015-04-097-6/+68
default_formatter to UUIDs fields
* Issue #2452247 by rteijeiro, joshi.rohit100: Incorrect constructor docblock ↵Alex Pott2015-03-201-1/+4
for RequestCloseSubscriber
* Issue #2448915 by martin107, joshi.rohit100: FieldStorageAddForm constructor ↵Alex Pott2015-03-201-3/+3
annotation bug
* Issue #2429157 by root_brute, joshi.rohit100, rpayanm, rteijeiro, ↵Alex Pott2015-03-163-31/+0
hussainweb, sidharthap: Remove TypedConfigInterface::set()
* Issue #2449633 by joshi.rohit100, pjonckiere, willzyx, andypost: ↵Alex Pott2015-03-162-1/+32
ShortcutsBlock does not respect the 'access shortcuts' permission
* Issue #2450383 by joshi.rohit100, martin107: Two incorrectly titled ↵webchick2015-03-142-2/+2
Subscriber constructor functions
* Issue #2352917 by joshi.rohit100, chintan.vyas, JeroenT: Remove ↵Alex Pott2015-02-091-24/+0
module_install() and module_uninstall() from
* Issue #2330181 by esod, ashutoshsngh, gaurav_varshney, ranjeet.paliwal, ↵Alex Pott2015-02-071-18/+0
joshi.rohit100, er.pushpinderrana, oriol_e9g: Remove module_invoke()
* Issue #687588 by tsphethean, mirie, Cottser, porchlight, cyborg_572, ↵Alex Pott2015-01-265-1/+53
rgoodine, adci_contributor, joshi.rohit100: Remove access check from submit() in UserCancelForm
* Issue #2220559 by benjy, swentel, lokeoke, visabhishek, hampercm, ↵Alex Pott2015-01-193-7/+10
joshi.rohit100, amitgoyal: Entity displays must have a settings array
* Issue #2293813 by joshi.rohit100, pcambra: Replace t() function with class ↵Alex Pott2015-01-181-16/+16
method call in locale localsettingform
* Issue #1821620 by andythomnz, larowlan, joshi.rohit100, nick_schuch, ↵webchick2015-01-171-2/+9
tadityar, richardcanoe: Indentation in /core/modules/comment/lib/Drupal/comment/Plugin/views/row/Rss.php is incorrect
* Issue #2011066 by Grimreaper, esbandeira, joshi.rohit100, the_contributor: ↵Alex Pott2014-12-231-9/+13
example_author from hook_node_grants/hook_node_access_records grants all anon edit/delete to uid=0 nodes
* Issue #2300817 by joshi.rohit100, er.pushpinderrana, tim.plunkett, ↵webchick2014-12-013-36/+5
ianthomas_uk, LinL, dawehner: Remove path_is_admin() as it is deprecated
* Issue #1433796 by hampercm, claudiu.cristea, joshi.rohit100, gitesh.koli, ↵Alex Pott2014-11-214-3/+115
undertext, yoroy, larowlan, rpayanm, opratr, jaffaralia, webbykat, nmudgal: Link to images styles from image field display settings
* Issue #2371229 by rpayanm, joshi.rohit100: Exceptions when adding and ↵Alex Pott2014-11-182-2/+2
deleting shortcut are regular messages, should be error messages
* Issue #2278583 by nlisgo, Berdir, joshi.rohit100 | Fabianx: Fixed ↵Alex Pott2014-10-232-1/+45
field_has_data looks at current data instead of revisioning data: this can lead to data loss.
* Issue #2335003 by joshi.rohit100, rootwork, tuutti | joelpittet: Rename ↵Alex Pott2014-10-054-8/+8
task-list.html.twig to maintenance-task-list.html.twig.
* Issue #2342439 by pgautam, joshi.rohit100 | webchick: Some test ↵webchick2014-09-272-0/+2
modules/themes missing Testing package assignment in their info files.
* Issue #2293779 by pcambra, joshi.rohit100: Fixed Old t() method in language ↵webchick2014-08-243-18/+18
module forms.
* Issue #2300875 by joshi.rohit100, amitgoyal, penyaskito: Remove ↵Alex Pott2014-08-181-12/+0
drupal_redirect_form() as it is deprecated.