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* Issue #1827854 by jamesrward, dman, superspring, joseph.olstad, legolasbo, ↵Alex Pott2017-05-094-16/+16
anrikun, bceyssens, mdeletter, Damien Tournoud: W3C HTML5 Validation error with PHP array-based query-strings built with url() containing [ ] characters (eg views filters)
* Issue #2572355 by mikeker, jamesrward, Yogesh Pawar, smk-ka, dawehner, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2016-11-184-5/+86
Lendude, DuaelFr, jibran: Some view tokens ([view:page-count] and [view:total-rows]) are incorrect
* Issue #2798521 by jamesrward, Manuel Garcia, mikeker, Lendude, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2016-10-213-20/+55
przemek_leczycki, aklump, dawehner: Views result summary returns float number when using the mini pager