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* Issue #2500031 by cilefen: Killing the entire Testing list page if any test a...Alex Pott2015-06-053-24/+2
* - Patch #985982 by iLLin: overlay resizes toolbar after closing.Dries Buytaert2011-04-101-1/+1
* #678592 by jhodgdon, effulgentsia, David Rothstein, iLLin: Fixed Admin theme ...Angie Byron2010-11-202-0/+59
* - Patch #337909 by chillin411: hook_menu() 'access callback' docs should ment...Dries Buytaert2010-10-271-4/+6
* - Patch #937560 by chillin411: the parameter & is not documented in hook_upda...Dries Buytaert2010-10-271-0/+3
* - Patch #934328 by chillin411: CHANGELOG.txt should have information about th...Dries Buytaert2010-10-261-1/+2
* - Patch #945456 by chillin411: hook_mail() doc should state it's only called ...Dries Buytaert2010-10-261-18/+15
* - Patch #839178 by Damien Tournoud, dereine: filter settings silliness.Dries Buytaert2010-06-291-0/+4
* - Patch #520486 by kika: after killing folded comments in #506218, modules/co...Dries Buytaert2009-07-191-39/+0
* #372471 follow-up by JohnAlbin: Remove leftover from box.tpl.php killing patch.Angie Byron2009-05-221-4/+0
* #340500 by justinrandell: Fix silliness in that was loading the d...Angie Byron2008-11-301-1/+1
* - Added a test framework to Drupal along with a first batch of tests forDries Buytaert2008-04-2015-0/+4485
* - Added a test framework to Drupal along with a first batch of tests forDries Buytaert2008-04-2049-1/+8381
* - Patch #7271 by JonBob: avoid filling the database with menu items.Dries Buytaert2004-04-212-4/+4
* Implemented more suggestions by Keith:Dries Buytaert2003-08-227-10/+24
* Great patch from Ulf:Dries Buytaert2003-01-073-45/+99
* A rather large and important update:Dries Buytaert2001-03-0727-154/+144