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* Issue #2903322 by gaurav.kapoor, levmyshkin: Change FAPI Container example ↵Alex Pott32 hours1-14/+14
class to an array (cherry picked from commit dcf633a96cb3aeaf096fc99bc44cf0db01e43675)
* Issue #2829185 by vaplas, Jo Fitzgerald, anmolgoyal74, chipway, ↵Alex Pott2018-09-20122-141/+141
gaurav.kapoor, mark_fullmer, amit.drupal, cilefen, longwave, xjm, wturrell, anavarre: Fix spelling errors in Drupal core comments (cherry picked from commit 2dabd1de104eaf431db59728616d3e53510cd6f1)
* Issue #2988235 by gaurav.kapoor, quietone: Remove i18n from d6 $noUpgradePathsAlex Pott2018-08-072-2/+1
(cherry picked from commit 2fcd37d45354dea2862aaa171fe8f1745cb26cba)
* Issue #2848479 by voleger, yogeshmpawar, marvin_B8, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Alex Pott2018-07-245-12/+48
hgunicamp, mondrake, daffie, alexpott, xjm, cilefen: Replace all calls to db_drop_table, which is deprecated (cherry picked from commit ead36d31b82fccc47a88792cdf204f6d8bc6b763)
* Issue #2380285 by amateescu, daffie, gaurav.kapoor, Pavan B S, plach, ↵Francesco Placella2018-04-101-9/+30
tstoeckler: SqlContentEntityStorage::mapFromStorageRecord() should respect the table mapping
* Issue #2889684 by ankitjain28may, kanav_7, borisson_, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Alex Pott2018-04-091-0/+5
naveenvalecha, joachim, alexpott: missing class docs for ContainerDerivativeDiscoveryDecorator
* Issue #2877030 by c.nish2k3, martin107, gaurav.kapoor, Mile23, dawehner: ↵Alex Pott2018-03-193-4/+8
Remove stale deprecated code
* Issue #2848812 by harsha012, gaurav.kapoor, Yogesh Pawar, Sharique, techtud, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-02-227-6/+21
JayKandari, alexpott: Replace all calls to db_set_active, which is deprecated
* Issue #2936368 by gaurav.kapoor: Duplicate css property in toolbar moduleLee Rowlands2018-01-281-1/+0
* Issue #2935575 by gaurav.kapoor, kiamlaluno, amateescu: Fix or remove the ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-01-221-1/+1
@see tag
* Issue #2918500 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, tedbow, larowlan, jibran, Wim ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-047-23/+898
Leers, phenaproxima, amateescu, borisson_, samuel.mortenson, gaurav.kapoor, KarlShea, hctom, mroycroft, neerajsingh, DamienMcKenna, dsnopek, Xano, TravisCarden, Tim Bozeman: Create a block which can render entity fields
* Issue #2932774 by harsha012, gaurav.kapoor, neelam.chaudhary, dpi: Update ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-031-2/+3
docs for getEmail, can return null
* Issue #2899708 by gaurav.kapoor, tedbow, droplet, Wim Leers: `quote` should ↵webchick2017-12-222-2/+2
be `blockquote` in off-canvas.base.css
* Issue #2551259 by Mile23, gaurav.kapoor, Jo Fitzgerald, googletorp, Jeremy, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-12-202-1/+36
xjm, webchick: Deprecate dead code locale_translation_manual_status()
* Issue #2500521 by Jo Fitzgerald, RytoEX, quietone, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-12-087-0/+412
hussainweb, phenaproxima: Upgrade path for Statistics 7.x and 6.x
* Issue #2924365 by yo30, gaurav.kapoor, xjm: Wrap JS comments in Settings ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-11-201-4/+5
Tray to 80 character limit
* Issue #2728869 by masipila, gaurav.kapoor, pk188, quietone, heddn, ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-11-091-6/+14
phenaproxima, generalredneck, mikeryan, eojthebrave: Document public function MigrateSourceInterface::getIds return value better
* Issue #2866666 by vaplas, Wim Leers, dawehner, gaurav.kapoor, pk188, ↵Lee Rowlands2017-10-188-13/+347
tstoeckler, effulgentsia: Add proper access handlers for view and form displays
* Issue #2846614 by damiankloip, dawehner, claudiu.cristea, effulgentsia, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-10-101-1/+1
| | | | tstoeckler, gaurav.kapoor, Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, Wim Leers, jibran: Incorrect field name is used in views integration for multi-value base fields (follow-up)
* Issue #2846614 by damiankloip, dawehner, claudiu.cristea, effulgentsia, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-10-109-45/+507
tstoeckler, gaurav.kapoor, Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, Wim Leers, jibran: Incorrect field name is used in views integration for multi-value base fields
* Issue #2781103 by Dom., k4v, gaurav.kapoor, mpdonadio, dawehner, Lendude: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-10-023-4/+37
Date FAPI element type do not allow AJAX via #ajax API
* Issue #2803891 by Jo Fitzgerald, pfrenssen, mfernea, gaurav.kapoor: Fix ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-227-12/+12
'Drupal.Commenting.FunctionComment.ReturnTypeSpaces' coding standard
* Issue #2864563 by Jo Fitzgerald, NickWilde, larowlan, gaurav.kapoor, heddn: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-08-185-6/+48
Migration lookup process plugin doesn't call setMessage on the migration idMap
* Issue #2753717 by timmillwood, amateescu, alexpott, mtodor, boaloysius, Jo ↵Lee Rowlands2017-08-0116-249/+385
Fitzgerald, phenaproxima, plach, gaurav.kapoor, tkoleary, yoroy, larowlan, karlos007, Berdir, Sam152: Add select field to choose moderation state on entity forms
* Issue #2550581 by harsha012, Jeremy, gaurav.kapoor, Jo Fitzgerald, xjm, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-06-152-6/+14
Mile23, catch: Deprecate unused functions _tracker_myrecent_access and _tracker_user_access
* Revert "Issue #992540 by valthebald, ndobromirov, jec006, kid_icarus, ↵Chris McCafferty2017-06-052-62/+4
rickmanelius, Matt V., aerozeppelin, Munavijayalakshmi, gaurav.kapoor, swentel, klidifia, Yogesh Pawar, Everett Zufelt, grendzy, cashwilliams, lachezar.valchev, alexpott, tstoeckler, catch, Heine: Nothing Clears the "5 Failed Login Attempts" Security message" This reverts commit cade2c61d15bace0a6b70c7986a5cc3349f1a71b.
* Issue #808416 by lostchord, daniels220, gaurav.kapoor, jp.stacey, ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-05-301-8/+27
JacobSanford, er.pushpinderrana, jhodgdon, oriol_e9g, kiwimind, Dries: Document that clock drift will cause lock system to fail
* Issue #2873775 by josephcheek, gaurav.kapoor, John Cook, cilefen: Add Change ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-05-251-0/+30
record to @deprecated for all deprecated functions in
* Issue #992540 by valthebald, ndobromirov, jec006, kid_icarus, rickmanelius, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-05-232-4/+62
Matt V., aerozeppelin, Munavijayalakshmi, gaurav.kapoor, swentel, klidifia, Yogesh Pawar, Everett Zufelt, grendzy, cashwilliams, lachezar.valchev, alexpott, tstoeckler, catch, Heine: Nothing Clears the "5 Failed Login Attempts" Security message
* Issue #2876740 by c.nish2k3, gaurav.kapoor, dagmar, alexpott: Cleanup ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-05-181-3/+0
Logger\SysLog constructor
* Issue #2804391 by Berdir, Jo Fitzgerald, amateescu, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Alex Pott2017-05-162-8/+67
arunkumark, wolffereast: Resaving menu links that points to a non-node entity changes the type to node and breaks the link
* Issue #2809519 by martin107, gaurav.kapoor, michielnugter, dawehner, ↵Alex Pott2017-05-083-102/+144
alexpott: Convert AJAX part of \Drupal\system\Tests\Ajax\AjaxFormPageCacheTest to JavascriptTestBase
* Issue #2698023 by Jo Fitzgerald, mitrpaka, mohit_aghera, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-05-043-3/+37
heddn, edysmp, mikeryan: Get sourceid values sorted from Row
* Issue #2862625 by Maxfire, tedbow, gaurav.kapoor, drpal, lauriii: Rename ↵Alex Pott2017-04-2925-161/+159
offcanvas to two words in code and comments.
* Issue #2845486 by Jo Fitzgerald, quietone, gaurav.kapoor, ohthehugemanatee, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-04-2844-213/+525
heddn, Yogesh Pawar, catch, shabana.navas, phenaproxima, mikeryan: Rename Migration process plugin and add documentation
* Issue #2843754 by rogierbom, Wim Leers, gaurav.kapoor, vaplas: ↵Alex Pott2017-04-189-0/+396
EntityResource: Provide comprehensive test coverage for Feed entity
* Issue #2724903 by rocketeerbkw, gaurav.kapoor, Jo Fitzgerald, phenaproxima: ↵Alex Pott2017-04-185-0/+191
Migrated custom block body field is hidden on form and display
* Issue #2786193 by tedbow, gaurav.kapoor, fabian.marz, tkoleary, Bojhan, ↵Lauri Eskola2017-04-152-0/+88
tim.plunkett, larowlan: Differentiate 2 "Quick edit" links for custom blocks
* Issue #2848378 by RenatoG, arshadcn, Wim Leers, GoZ, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-04-131-2/+2
krina.addweb: Improve help text for REST module
* Issue #2655154 by generalredneck, claudiu.cristea, gaurav.kapoor, olegel, Jo ↵Alex Pott2017-04-114-4/+90
Fitzgerald, mikeryan, phenaproxima: Optionally log messages for skip_on_empty and skip_row_if_not_set
* Issue #2862273 by gaurav.kapoor, Haza: Use of ?> in comments in Language moduleLauri Eskola2017-03-211-1/+0
* Issue #2492513 by JeroenT, Nitesh Pawar, wturrell, Jo Fitzgerald, ↵Alex Pott2017-03-202-5/+47
rashidkhan, alx_benjamin, gaurav.kapoor, NikitaJain, amit.drupal, Shabbir, alexpott, xjm, cilefen: Cannot edit the user/login menu link as an admin
* Issue #2858667 by gaurav.kapoor, dbjpanda, klausi: Extra arguments sent to a ↵Lauri Eskola2017-03-183-6/+4
* Revert "Issue #2858667 by gaurav.kapoor, dbjpanda: Extra arguments sent to a ↵Lauri Eskola2017-03-162-4/+6
| | | | | | function" This reverts commit 6434b391876a5e0ae521ae160d901c53eb6d07b9.
* Issue #2858667 by gaurav.kapoor, dbjpanda: Extra arguments sent to a functionLauri Eskola2017-03-162-6/+4
* Issue #2701005 by brathbone, gaurav.kapoor, gianani, alexpott, tstoeckler, ↵xjm2017-03-142-4/+39
| | | | kristiaanvandeneynde, Yogesh Pawar: Improve documentation of EntityTypeInterface label functions
* Issue #2860277 by ritzz, gaurav.kapoor, vaplas: update_language_list() ↵Alex Pott2017-03-141-75/+0
should be removed
* Issue #2828092 by dmsmidt, gaurav.kapoor, s.d.sirois, andrewmacpherson, ↵Alex Pott2017-03-143-0/+134
Gábor Hojtsy, tstoeckler, jules., Wim Leers, SKAUGHT, marcvangend, yoroy, catch: Inline Form Errors not compatible with Quick Edit
* Issue #2845488 by Jo Fitzgerald, gerzenstl, Pavan B S, Yogesh Pawar, ↵Alex Pott2017-03-131-4/+76
gaurav.kapoor, quietone, phenaproxima, mikeryan: Add documentation to SkipOnEmpty process plugin
* Issue #2858081 by gaurav.kapoor: Constructor Shouldn't have a return statementAlex Pott2017-03-061-1/+1