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* Issue #2994909 by bnjmnm, tedbow, kostyashupenko, tim.plunkett, lauriii, ↵Lauri Eskola39 hours13-9/+444
samuel.mortenson, Kristen Pol, xjm, andrewmacpherson, alwaysworking, DyanneNova, jrockowitz, worldlinemine, phenaproxima, ckrina, benjifisher, rainbreaw, webchick: Highlight active element while working with dialogs in Layout Builder
* Issue #3023797 by seanB, webchick, lauriii, ckrina, phenaproxima, ↵webchick5 days12-215/+603
andrewmacpherson, rainbreaw, Gábor Hojtsy, jhodgdon, jrockowitz, worldlinemine, benjifisher: Let users choose what to do after selecting and/or adding items in the media library
* Issue #3023801 by seanB, DamienMcKenna, lauriii, phenaproxima, Berdir, ↵Gábor Hojtsy5 days7-45/+394
Pancho, marcoscano, Wim Leers, rainbreaw, larowlan, webchick, jrockowitz, andrewmacpherson, ckrina: Allow newly uploaded files to be deleted from the media library without saving them
* Issue #2942011 by tsega, imalabya, robindh, David_Rothstein, Eli-T, Gábor ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-11-1012-23/+109
Hojtsy, markconroy, aburrows, ckrina, Gvert, alexpott, cchoudhary: Umami demo has display problems in right-to-left languages
* Issue #2943661 by dslobodyanik, BrightBold, lauriii, ckrina, dean-coakley, ↵Lauri Eskola2018-08-227-0/+259
Eli-T, markconroy: Create the Recipe Collections element
* Issue #2974203 by seanB, jan.stoeckler, phenaproxima, marcoscano, ↵webchick2018-07-279-10/+108
chr.fritsch, lauriii, tstoeckler, ifrik, starshaped, ckrina: Redirect back to media list after creating a media entity (cherry picked from commit 830defe683becff2b38a0e4ed23187ad1a9f2338)
* Issue #2938116 by samuel.mortenson, sjerdo, jefuri, chr.fritsch, ↵webchick2018-07-2625-36/+1412
yogeshmpawar, starshaped, phenaproxima, jibran, webchick, seanB, Berdir, lauriii, xjm, tstoeckler, dawehner, benjifisher, marcoscano, bdimaggio, martin107, mtodor, slashrsm, Gábor Hojtsy, ckrina, yoroy: Allow media to be uploaded with the Media Library field widget
* Issue #2962525 by samuel.mortenson, jrockowitz, seanB, drpal, chr.fritsch, ↵Francesco Placella2018-07-2424-126/+1665
ckrina, phenaproxima, webchick, lauriii, beautifulmind, andrewmacpherson, xjm, Gábor Hojtsy: Create a field widget for the Media library module
* Issue #2854624 by lauriii, AaronChristian, vaplas, yogeshmpawar, tkoleary, ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-06-279-23/+119
ckrina, Gábor Hojtsy, chrisrockwell, andrewmacpherson: Details and accordion update based on Seven Style Guide
* Issue #2950158 by Vidushi Mehta, ankitjain28may, Shiva Srikanth T, ckrina, ↵Lauri Eskola2018-06-259-12/+10
markconroy, Eli-T: Choose policy for defining font-weight on Umami theme
* Issue #2962110 by samuel.mortenson, drpal, andrewmacpherson, ckrina, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-2232-0/+1614
phenaproxima, yoroy, webchick, amateescu, chr.fritsch, starshaped, lauriii, webflo, Dennis Cohn, dawehner, seanB, rfmarcelino, DyanneNova, benjifisher, jan.stoeckler, danbohea, John Pitcairn: Add the Media Library module to Drupal core
* Issue #2831944 by chr.fritsch, phenaproxima, alexpott, marcoscano, slashrsm, ↵Alex Pott2018-06-2162-53/+4601
seanB, robpowell, samuel.mortenson, tstoeckler, Wim Leers, dawehner, martin107, Gábor Hojtsy, aheimlich, tedbow, mtodor, larowlan, idebr, bkosborne, ckrina: Implement media source plugin for remote video via oEmbed
* Revert "Issue #2831944 by chr.fritsch, phenaproxima, marcoscano, seanB, ↵Alex Pott2018-06-0158-4284/+2
slashrsm, robpowell, alexpott, samuel.mortenson, dawehner, tstoeckler, Wim Leers, Gábor Hojtsy, martin107, aheimlich, idebr, tedbow, larowlan, ckrina, mtodor, bkosborne: Implement media source plugin for remote video via oEmbed" This reverts commit 8f6fcbdd5004f08e41713d3e651796ad47fabda8.
* Issue #2831944 by chr.fritsch, phenaproxima, marcoscano, seanB, slashrsm, ↵Alex Pott2018-06-0158-2/+4284
robpowell, alexpott, samuel.mortenson, dawehner, tstoeckler, Wim Leers, Gábor Hojtsy, martin107, aheimlich, idebr, tedbow, larowlan, ckrina, mtodor, bkosborne: Implement media source plugin for remote video via oEmbed
* Issue #2976589 by drpal, lauriii, justafish, ckrina ⬅️✌️➡️: ↵webchick2018-05-311-1/+2
Merge Admin UI redesign and JavaScript modernization initiatives
* Issue #2916781 by timmillwood, tedbow, drpal, lauriii, Adita, ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-05-2914-82/+387
andrewmacpherson, yoroy, amateescu, borisson_, ckrina: Allow off-canvas dialog to be rendered at the top of the page
* Issue #2918535 by stella, Eli-T, webchick, smaz, ckrina, markconroy, kjay: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-081-0/+6
Add initiative coordinator(s) for Out-of-the-Box
* Issue #2960528 by kaythay, ckrina, SaintNexcis, benjifisher, msankhala: Fix ↵Lauri Eskola2018-04-171-2/+2
styles for border radius on hover state for Recipies banner in Umami
* Issue #2952059 by ckrina, BrightBold, Adita, timwood, Eli-T: Add Crema ↵Lauri Eskola2018-04-134-0/+11
Catalana to Umami
* Issue #2938800 by markconroy, David_Rothstein, ckrina, smaz, Eli-T, ↵Gabor Hojtsy2018-02-162-6/+6
cehfisher, larowlan: Finalize wording for Toolbar warning message
* Issue #2936293 by xjm, tedbow, marcoscano, ershov.andrey, phenaproxima, ↵effulgentsia2018-02-094-0/+505
benjifisher, samuel.mortenson, davidhernandez, tim.plunkett, Gábor Hojtsy, seanB, ckrina, yoroy, DyanneNova, amateescu: At least inform content authors where they can list and add media
* Issue #2938185 by tedbow, JayKandari, navneet0693, acbramley, Eli-T, ↵webchick2018-02-053-2/+163
larowlan, webchick, markconroy, andrewmacpherson, David_Rothstein, smaz, ckrina: When installing Umami, only show warning if 'Demo Umami' radio button is selected (and ensure that it is obvious that warning message only applies to the Umami profile)
* Issue #2938805 by markconroy, David_Rothstein, ckrina, Eli-T: Finalise the ↵Lee Rowlands2018-02-042-25/+6
wording of the warning message on the status report page
* Issue #2941582 by markconroy, Eli-T, smaz, ckrina, steveparks: Create a ↵Lee Rowlands2018-02-031-1/+1 documentation page for Umami profile to explain why it shouldn't be used in production sites
* Issue #2938186 by navneet0693, John Cook, Eli-T, markconroy, smaz, ckrina, ↵Lee Rowlands2018-02-012-5/+60
andrewmacpherson, larowlan: Set toolbar warning message to only appear on admin/edit pages
* Issue #2809635 by markconroy, navneet0693, alexpott, smaz, larowlan, Eli-T, ↵webchick2018-01-19259-18/+10717
webchick, yoroy, ikit-claw, budda, kjay, timmillwood, tkoleary, Gábor Hojtsy, andrewmacpherson, lauriii, JayKandari, jibran, ok_lyndsey, big_man, ckrina, nathancz, Paul_Gregory, vijaycs85, SharJay, tomphippen, tim.plunkett, Tarun Lewis, cehfisher, kreynen, Petr Illek, mariohernandez, thamas, thatdamnqa, John Cook, philipnorton42, h2cm, kattekrab, martin_q, waako: Create experimental installation profile
* Issue #2863354 by benqwerty, DuaelFr, andrewmacpherson, xjm, mgifford, ↵xjm2018-01-051-6/+14
lauriii, ckrina: Add border to dialog [x] close button for hover and focus states
* Issue #665790 by chrisrockwell, Sumit kumar, lauriii, joelpittet, sun, ↵webchick2017-02-0748-117/+1561
vulcanr, vaplas, yoroy, leahtard, tompagabor, aspilicious, ckrina, Gábor Hojtsy, David_Rothstein, Manuel Garcia, rootwork, nod_, kostyashupenko, pguillard, Bojhan, droplet, typhonius, wturrell, mgifford, webkenny, cosmicdreams, tkoleary, YesCT, marcvangend, markabur, LewisNyman, mrfelton, oriol_e9g, prabhu9484, catch, hedrickbt, tsvenson, longwave, dww, kika, borisson_, rdellis87, realityloop, klonos: Redesign the status report page
* Issue #2721725 by Vinay15, snehi, zerbash, er.pushpinderrana, jhodgdon, xjm, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2016-12-199-27/+40
Ashish.Dalvi, joachim, Kevin Davison, ckrina: Select form element has undocumented properties
* Issue #2574797 by kostyashupenko, dschenk, zuhair_ak, ckrina, emma.maria, ↵Scott Reeves2016-05-131-1/+5
tomgrandy, lucastockmann, Cottser, templeman, edwdeapri, BSpeel: Bartik: Site title lays over the menu block
* Issue #2349863 by tadityar, Mukeysh, ckrina: Overlapping elements in the ↵Alex Pott2015-02-021-1/+2
titlebar in views modal window
* Issue #2346027 by sqndr, ckrina, geodaniel: Fixed Unpublished content ↵webchick2014-10-101-1/+0
background overlaps tabs.
* Issue #2225349 by ckrina, G.I.Joe, lauriii, mErilainen: Responsive styles ↵Alex Pott2014-10-072-0/+10
for Modal dialog.
* Issue #2307533 followup by ckrina: Fixed Insufficient space at page bottom.Alex Pott2014-10-031-1/+1
* Issue #1912608 by Cottser, ckrina, jamesquinton, lauriii, jwilson3, ↵webchick2014-09-279-262/+244
mgifford, scaragucc' | criz: Update pagination markup for new CSS standards and improved accessibility.
* Issue #1972122 by akalata, mortendk, JamesLefrère, pakmanlh, ckrina, sun: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2014-09-268-22/+69
Remove the DIV tag around block content.
* Issue #1662954 by balis_m, mjonesdinero, kalpaitch, IshaDakota, kerasai, ↵Alex Pott2014-04-053-16/+12
ckrina, BarisW | ZenDoodles: Use less-specific tabledrag selectors.
* Issue #2226233 by ckrina, alexrayu, Manuel Garcia, Cottser: Redo changes ↵webchick2014-03-282-181/+5
from field.module to Twig conversion issue that were clobbered.
* Issue #2169765 by philipz, Sutharsan, ckrina, c_lehel, LewisNyman: Redesign ↵catch2014-03-2611-295/+267
| | | | update.php to be more consistent with the installation process.
* Revert "Issue #2169765 by philipz, Sutharsan, ckrina, c_lehel, LewisNyman: ↵catch2014-03-2614-371/+306
Redesign update.php to be more consistent with the installation process." This reverts commit 728aad1d2b284a7e706306cbde7eb310cd5c2cdd.
* Issue #2169765 by philipz, Sutharsan, ckrina, c_lehel, LewisNyman: Redesign ↵webchick2014-03-2514-306/+371
update.php to be more consistent with the installation process.
* Issue #2016867 by frankbaele, LewisNyman, ckrina, mcjim: Pager Style Update.Alex Pott2013-10-021-3/+48
* Issue #2030625 by ckrina, emma_maria, mordonez: 'Drupal is already ↵Dries2013-06-291-9/+14
installed' page looks misaligned.