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* Issue #2977175 by borisson_, PieterJanPut, tstoeckler, msankhala: ↵Alex Pott4 days1-1/+8
| | | | DataDefinition::setConstraints() should be on DataDefinitionInterface
* Issue #2887411 by vaplas, naveenvalecha, larowlan, dawehner, Lendude, ↵Alex Pott5 days5-30/+34
| | | | borisson_: Add $form_html_id to drupalPostForm in BrowserTestBase and convert SearchAdvancedSearchFormTest from WTB to BTB
* Issue #2822611 by Mile23, Wim Leers, alexpott, Berdir, catch, dawehner, xjm, ↵Alex Pott6 days4-9/+51
tstoeckler, borisson_: Document why UserInterface + FileInterface + MenuLinkContentInterface + … extend \Drupal\Core\Entity\ContentEntityInterface
* Issue #2863842 by GoZ, Lendude, vaplas, dawehner, alexpott, borisson_, ↵Alex Pott8 days15-91/+84
larowlan: Convert web tests to browser tests for search module
* Issue #2932777 by mondrake, borisson_, alexpott, daffie: Risky count() in ↵Alex Pott13 days3-4/+4
SQLite Statement
* Issue #2928710 by borisson_, dawehner, idebr: Eliminate usages of ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-0745-75/+71
\Drupal::root() in tests
* Issue #2955383 by Wim Leers, borisson_, dawehner: List available ↵Alex Pott2018-06-023-8/+55
representations in 406 responses
* Issue #2916781 by timmillwood, tedbow, drpal, lauriii, Adita, ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-05-2914-82/+387
andrewmacpherson, yoroy, amateescu, borisson_, ckrina: Allow off-canvas dialog to be rendered at the top of the page
* Issue #2940679 by alena_stanul, borisson_, neclimdul: Fix FilterIdTest test ↵Lee Rowlands2018-05-221-5/+8
* Issue #2926069 by Jo Fitzgerald, heddn, Dinesh18, borisson_, xjm: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-223-4/+41
StatisticsViewsResult should only deal in integer values
* Issue #2943284 by Eli-T, kaythay, kjay, mcgovernm, sjhuda, borisson_: Add ↵Alex Pott2018-05-224-0/+16
chili sauce to Umami
* Issue #2955685 by Wim Leers, dawehner, mpdonadio, alexpott, borisson_: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-184-13/+23
Unrouted URLs cannot have have overridden query or fragments
* Issue #2971472 by alexpott, vaplas, tedbow, borisson_: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-171-6/+23
SettingsTrayBlockFormTest is taking 5 minutes to run
* Issue #2901653 by idebr, ankitjain28may, mfernea, borisson_: Add yml files ↵Alex Pott2018-05-1531-33/+10
to phpcs.xml.dist
* Issue #2926120 by idebr, zaporylie, borisson_: @var tag must not end with a ↵Lee Rowlands2018-05-1463-66/+68
full stop
* Issue #2924753 by vaplas, alexpott, borisson_, xjm: Random fail in ↵Alex Pott2018-05-141-2/+2
* Issue #2937888 by dhruveshdtripathi, idebr, RoSk0, mohit1604, mfernea, ↵Alex Pott2018-05-1128-52/+54
borisson_: Fix 'Drupal.Commenting.DocComment.LongNotCapital' coding standard
* Issue #2968541 by vokidas, borisson_: ActiveLinkResponseFilter fails to set ↵Alex Pott2018-05-092-0/+16
active link with query in non-alphabetical order
* Issue #2594669 by Wim Leers, borisson_, catch, dawehner: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-073-2/+12
| | | | LibraryDependencyResolver::getMinimalRepresentativeSubset() accepts a set as the input but doesn't complain if it's not actually a set
* Issue #2971012 by Wim Leers, borisson_: ContentTypeHeaderMatcher should not ↵Alex Pott2018-05-072-4/+5
run for DELETE requests
* Issue #2784921 by amateescu, timmillwood, pk188, plach, catch, Fabianx, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-0480-1/+7045
dixon_, dawehner, borisson_, Sam152, yoroy, webchick, phenaproxima, larowlan: Add Workspaces experimental module
* Issue #2911319 by alexpott, dawehner, mglaman, mradcliffe, heddn, pbirk, ↵Lee Rowlands2018-05-0310-4/+1049
danquah, maxstarkenburg, geerlingguy, vaplas, Chelsee, ressa, Chi, jonathanshaw, Mile23, andypost, larowlan, phenaproxima, droffats, kim.pepper, scotty, dsnopek, cashwilliams, borisson_, Mixologic, gerzenstl, David Radcliffe: Provide a single command to install & run Drupal
* Issue #2428753 by borisson_, daffie, dawehner, franksj: Do not allow PHPUnit ↵Alex Pott2018-05-032-3/+9
tests to test an interface
* Revert "Issue #2594669 by Wim Leers, borisson_, dawehner, catch: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-023-12/+2
| | | | | | LibraryDependencyResolver::getMinimalRepresentativeSubset() accepts a set as the input but doesn't complain if it's not actually a set" This reverts commit 60c25e5d3bcfcf7de0d6e604f40d5d406da96743.
* Issue #2594669 by Wim Leers, borisson_, dawehner, catch: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-023-2/+12
LibraryDependencyResolver::getMinimalRepresentativeSubset() accepts a set as the input but doesn't complain if it's not actually a set
* Issue #2959124 by borisson_, eiriksm: Unexpected quote in workflow exceptionGábor Hojtsy2018-04-201-7/+7
* Issue #2851736 by borisson_, fago, pritish.kumar, Yogesh Pawar, amateescu, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-04-203-18/+46
alexpott: Language reference fields do not implement OptionsProviderInterface
* Issue #2216161 by Wim Leers, alexpott, jhedstrom, borisson_, Berdir: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-04-111-5/+21
Simplify performance settings page
* Issue #2889684 by ankitjain28may, kanav_7, borisson_, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Alex Pott2018-04-091-0/+5
naveenvalecha, joachim, alexpott: missing class docs for ContainerDerivativeDiscoveryDecorator
* Issue #2869916 by johndevman, tstoeckler, borisson_, larowlan: ↵Alex Pott2018-04-043-1/+49
SiteConfigureForm ignores 'skip_permissions_hardening' setting
* Issue #2849187 by Lendude, Yogesh Pawar, asghar, chiranjeeb2410, Pavan B S, ↵Alex Pott2018-04-032-1/+107
themetman, dbjpanda, borisson_, Wim Leers: Responsive Image shows an Error in Views
* Issue #2895097 by FeyP, borisson_: Correct bundle info service interface ↵Alex Pott2018-04-031-3/+3
name in EntityManager deprecation messages
* Issue #2401797 by John Cook, larowlan, Jo Fitzgerald, dawehner, alexpott, ↵Alex Pott2018-04-022-0/+594
Mile23, kim.pepper, phenaproxima, borisson_, andypost, voleger: Introduce a batch builder class to make the batch API easier to use
* Issue #2939814 by tedbow, rajeshwari10, borisson_, alexpott: Split ↵Alex Pott2018-03-215-525/+653
SettingsTrayBlockFormTest into multiple class to only enable modules when needed
* Issue #2858569 by mfernea, LoMo, tstoeckler, borisson_: Custom Display ↵Alex Pott2018-03-192-1/+66
Settings - Order the view modes based on name rather than key
* Issue #2868273 by mondrake, borisson_: Missing a test for table TRUNCATE ↵Alex Pott2018-03-151-0/+95
while in transaction
* Issue #2946425 by vaplas, borisson_, Lendude, dawehner: Correcting the tests ↵Alex Pott2018-03-031-1/+6
that lie in BTB but using WTB
* Issue #2942769 by alexpott, vaplas, smaz, Gábor Hojtsy, borisson_, Eli-T: ↵Gabor Hojtsy2018-03-015-56/+38
Consolidate umami .htaccess files and testing
* Issue #2916084 by tim.plunkett, John Cook, andrewmacpherson, borisson_: Add ↵Chris McCafferty2018-02-041-1/+1
John Cook as Batch API subsystem maintainer
* Issue #2858482 by Wim Leers, dawehner, benjy, larowlan, tedbow, borisson_: ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-1410-38/+319
Simplify REST routing: disallow requesting POST/PATCH in any format, make consistent
* Issue #2923004 by tedbow, bircher, samuel.mortenson, alexpott, Wim Leers, ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-102-1/+158
axel.rutz, Berdir, borisson_, xjm, tim.plunkett: Add method to check if any overrides are applied to \Drupal\Core\Config\Config
* Issue #2931047 by Dropa, D34dMan, borisson_, catch: hook_post_update_NAME ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-061-3/+4
documentation is misleading
* Issue #2918500 by tim.plunkett, EclipseGc, tedbow, larowlan, jibran, Wim ↵Lee Rowlands2018-01-047-23/+898
Leers, phenaproxima, amateescu, borisson_, samuel.mortenson, gaurav.kapoor, KarlShea, hctom, mroycroft, neerajsingh, DamienMcKenna, dsnopek, Xano, TravisCarden, Tim Bozeman: Create a block which can render entity fields
* Issue #2862894 by fgm, Wim Leers, bkosborne, borisson_, catch: Docs for ↵Francesco Placella2017-12-311-1/+1
Internal Page Cache incorrectly state that it respects the maximum age performance setting
* Issue #2928702 by Wim Leers, borisson_, tedbow: Make ↵webchick2017-12-152-41/+18
EntityResourceTestBase's field_rest_test_multivalue test field less invasive: omit it from normalizations
* Issue #2853503 by Aki Tendo, alexpott, larowlan, Wim Leers, klausi, fgm, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2017-12-0623-51/+61
dawehner, mondrake, catch, Berdir, neclimdul, borisson_: Remove all assert('string') calls from Drupal core because deprecated in PHP 7.2
* Issue #2765959 by davidwbarratt, Wim Leers, dawehner, borisson_, tstoeckler, ↵webchick2017-11-3024-111/+345
tedbow, catch: Make 4xx REST responses cacheable by (Dynamic) Page Cache + comprehensive cacheability test coverage
* Issue #2926121 by zaporylie, borisson_: Multiple data types must be ↵Gabor Hojtsy2017-11-291-2/+3
separated by a vertical bar
* Issue #2572795 by mfernea, zaporylie, pfrenssen, andypost, attiks, alexpott, ↵xjm2017-11-1039-45/+60
xjm, Mile23, catch, borisson_: Fix coding standard for closures - Drupal.WhiteSpace.ScopeClosingBrace and Generic.Functions.OpeningFunctionBraceKernighanRitchie
* Issue #2901562 by mfernea, Jo Fitzgerald, Yogesh Pawar, 3ssom, Mile23, ↵xjm2017-11-0996-274/+1
| | | | borisson_: Fix 'Squiz.WhiteSpace.SuperfluousWhitespace' coding standard