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* Issue #2809505 by Lendude, dawehner, borisson_, Mixologic, alexpott: Convert ↵Alex Pott39 hours2-60/+140
| | | | | | AJAX part of \Drupal\file\Tests\FileManagedFileElementTest::testManagedFile to JavascriptTestBase (cherry picked from commit be64fa993efa2324185607beef70ab3786fcf6a0)
* Issue #2887869 by navneet0693, ApacheEx, Lendude, Dinesh18, dawehner, ↵Alex Pott39 hours7-18/+45
naveenvalecha, borisson_: Convert web tests to browser tests for user module part-2 (cherry picked from commit 66f5091a5bcc5131df76744617ddc49cde6cc792)
* Issue #2872603 by vaplas, Lendude, m1r1k, Jo Fitzgerald, borisson_, ↵Alex Pott39 hours3-159/+233
alexpott, martin107: Drupal\system\Tests\Ajax\CommandsTest break in unit and FunctionalJavascriptTests (cherry picked from commit ccece5260afd869dea1a37d027de50965b31b511)
* Issue #2960486 by tanc, johnny_aroza, phaedrus, Mukeysh, thehuffman, ↵Lauri Eskola6 days4-0/+46
cferthorney, kjay, rachel_norfolk, mjoneill, John Cook, Eli-T, borisson_, dmacgrue, esod, steveparks, xjm: Add an article to Umami - Oatmeal (cherry picked from commit 089f3911bd467cc185a287fbb353c115d18f8915)
* Issue #2926122 by Adameue, zaporylie, BartoszUrbaniak, borisson_, idebr: Use ↵Alex Pott7 days9-15/+15
lower-case, PEAR style, primitive data types (cherry picked from commit dd7fd60f19bc44305dcb22d7ef4438ed53c2931c)
* Issue #2905109 by iainp999, gawaksh, msankhala, joachim, borisson_, ↵Alex Pott9 days1-1/+5
alexpott: DrupalKernel::guessApplicationRoot() should document what the assumptions are and what it's doing (cherry picked from commit 03a3058d690498b7b5356a30c831aa48e04f0fcc)
* Revert "Issue #2822382 by voleger, pfrenssen, erozqba, RytoEX, borisson_, ↵xjm2018-08-161882-1882/+1882
sidharthap, Jo Fitzgerald, shashikant_chauhan: Make every property protected on classes extending BrowserTestBase and KernelTestBase" This reverts commit 29d0958a483f71801a4ac99fb8c1f1d1f933d8e7.
* Issue #2822382 by voleger, pfrenssen, erozqba, RytoEX, borisson_, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-08-151882-1882/+1882
sidharthap, Jo Fitzgerald, shashikant_chauhan: Make every property protected on classes extending BrowserTestBase and KernelTestBase (cherry picked from commit 69501f306224ea233edf9d2cca4c6ed21f2e269f)
* Issue #2937853 by idebr, mfernea, SherFengChong, alexpott, borisson_: Fix ↵Alex Pott2018-08-1341-48/+49
'Drupal.Formatting.MultipleStatementAlignment' coding standard (cherry picked from commit 6c40e077ef0ea19231675eca072eca30a6616930)
* Issue #2961285 by pavlosdan, hchonov, borisson_: Entity query condition ↵Alex Pott2018-08-073-3/+27
count is faulty (cherry picked from commit a4208fd3c8844cb700de07f4afcd63efe3e27e3c)
* Issue #2870444 by Lendude, michielnugter, jonathan1055, borisson_: Convert ↵Alex Pott2018-08-0611-35/+130
web tests to browser tests for field module (cherry picked from commit 1950bd5f061d4d088ea263643891f0f3560c6a9d)
* Issue #2848817 by voleger, andypost, hgunicamp, JacobSanford, techtud, ↵Alex Pott2018-08-068-15/+31
alexpott, vidhatanand, Sharique, JayKandari, kiamlaluno, cilefen, borisson_: Replace all calls to db_table_exists, which is deprecated (cherry picked from commit 27bc1f74cb7894abe8910da41d3383773a4fe68f)
* Issue #2916809 by seanB, robpowell, phenaproxima, borisson_, Berdir, yoroy: ↵webchick2018-07-274-28/+96
Add fieldset/vertical tab for URL alias field (cherry picked from commit 954f7d59cb0ac331acd8734ee7d1ad74c28e16a6)
* Issue #2863429 by Lendude, ApacheEx, Jo Fitzgerald, borisson_: Theme: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-07-2413-205/+249
Convert system functional tests to phpunit (cherry picked from commit e8c9956da461e9d798f5438173240aa0bfe90546)
* Issue #2861210 by tetranz, borisson_, zuuperman, axel.rutz, alexpott: Local ↵Alex Pott2018-07-224-1/+31
tasks are not shown after enabling module (cherry picked from commit 3fe7057fdb9f619829306b23235215e129eb4948)
* Issue #2980107 by eliclaggett, vaplas, Lendude, borisson_, xjm: Replace ↵Alex Pott2018-07-1626-90/+200
Functional\SearchTestBase on BrowserTestBase? (cherry picked from commit 24192468cce22f23bb247b070de803ea6f707d64)
* Issue #2874133 by ApacheEx, borisson_, dawehner: Convert ↵Alex Pott2018-07-141-34/+19
\Drupal\comment\Tests\CommentNewIndicatorTest to JavascriptTestBase and/or BrowserTestBase (cherry picked from commit f45132741a92c4ff4f9c2144a5ae1548f260f18e)
* Issue #2984001 by gibsonneke, johnny_bs.221B, borisson_, Eli-T: Typo in ↵Alex Pott2018-07-061-1/+1
default content (recipes)
* Issue #2928851 by chr.fritsch, daniel.bosen, yogeshmpawar, jefuri, dagomar, ↵Alex Pott2018-07-062-2/+41
seanB, marcoscano, phenaproxima, alexpott, borisson_: Allow the media source of a media type to be changed when creating a new media type
* Issue #2557299 by alexpott, Manuel Garcia, borisson_, phenaproxima, swentel, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-07-048-40/+236
Berdir, larowlan, mbovan, martin107, LKS90, segi, tim.plunkett, giancarlosotelo: Any AJAX call disregards machine name verification when AJAX is used and leads to a fatal error
* Issue #2975328 by alexpott, Gábor Hojtsy, borisson_: Install profile in ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-2519-75/+76
settings.php and mismatch check makes re-installs of Drupal hard
* Issue #2977175 by borisson_, PieterJanPut, tstoeckler, msankhala: ↵Alex Pott2018-06-181-1/+8
| | | | DataDefinition::setConstraints() should be on DataDefinitionInterface
* Issue #2887411 by vaplas, naveenvalecha, larowlan, dawehner, Lendude, ↵Alex Pott2018-06-175-30/+34
| | | | borisson_: Add $form_html_id to drupalPostForm in BrowserTestBase and convert SearchAdvancedSearchFormTest from WTB to BTB
* Issue #2822611 by Mile23, Wim Leers, alexpott, Berdir, catch, dawehner, xjm, ↵Alex Pott2018-06-164-9/+51
tstoeckler, borisson_: Document why UserInterface + FileInterface + MenuLinkContentInterface + … extend \Drupal\Core\Entity\ContentEntityInterface
* Issue #2863842 by GoZ, Lendude, vaplas, dawehner, alexpott, borisson_, ↵Alex Pott2018-06-1415-91/+84
larowlan: Convert web tests to browser tests for search module
* Issue #2932777 by mondrake, borisson_, alexpott, daffie: Risky count() in ↵Alex Pott2018-06-093-4/+4
SQLite Statement
* Issue #2928710 by borisson_, dawehner, idebr: Eliminate usages of ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-06-0745-75/+71
\Drupal::root() in tests
* Issue #2955383 by Wim Leers, borisson_, dawehner: List available ↵Alex Pott2018-06-023-8/+55
representations in 406 responses
* Issue #2916781 by timmillwood, tedbow, drpal, lauriii, Adita, ↵Gábor Hojtsy2018-05-2914-82/+387
andrewmacpherson, yoroy, amateescu, borisson_, ckrina: Allow off-canvas dialog to be rendered at the top of the page
* Issue #2940679 by alena_stanul, borisson_, neclimdul: Fix FilterIdTest test ↵Lee Rowlands2018-05-221-5/+8
* Issue #2926069 by Jo Fitzgerald, heddn, Dinesh18, borisson_, xjm: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-223-4/+41
StatisticsViewsResult should only deal in integer values
* Issue #2943284 by Eli-T, kaythay, kjay, mcgovernm, sjhuda, borisson_: Add ↵Alex Pott2018-05-224-0/+16
chili sauce to Umami
* Issue #2955685 by Wim Leers, dawehner, mpdonadio, alexpott, borisson_: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-184-13/+23
Unrouted URLs cannot have have overridden query or fragments
* Issue #2971472 by alexpott, vaplas, tedbow, borisson_: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-171-6/+23
SettingsTrayBlockFormTest is taking 5 minutes to run
* Issue #2901653 by idebr, ankitjain28may, mfernea, borisson_: Add yml files ↵Alex Pott2018-05-1531-33/+10
to phpcs.xml.dist
* Issue #2926120 by idebr, zaporylie, borisson_: @var tag must not end with a ↵Lee Rowlands2018-05-1463-66/+68
full stop
* Issue #2924753 by vaplas, alexpott, borisson_, xjm: Random fail in ↵Alex Pott2018-05-141-2/+2
* Issue #2937888 by dhruveshdtripathi, idebr, RoSk0, mohit1604, mfernea, ↵Alex Pott2018-05-1128-52/+54
borisson_: Fix 'Drupal.Commenting.DocComment.LongNotCapital' coding standard
* Issue #2968541 by vokidas, borisson_: ActiveLinkResponseFilter fails to set ↵Alex Pott2018-05-092-0/+16
active link with query in non-alphabetical order
* Issue #2594669 by Wim Leers, borisson_, catch, dawehner: ↵Alex Pott2018-05-073-2/+12
| | | | LibraryDependencyResolver::getMinimalRepresentativeSubset() accepts a set as the input but doesn't complain if it's not actually a set
* Issue #2971012 by Wim Leers, borisson_: ContentTypeHeaderMatcher should not ↵Alex Pott2018-05-072-4/+5
run for DELETE requests
* Issue #2784921 by amateescu, timmillwood, pk188, plach, catch, Fabianx, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-0480-1/+7045
dixon_, dawehner, borisson_, Sam152, yoroy, webchick, phenaproxima, larowlan: Add Workspaces experimental module
* Issue #2911319 by alexpott, dawehner, mglaman, mradcliffe, heddn, pbirk, ↵Lee Rowlands2018-05-0310-4/+1049
danquah, maxstarkenburg, geerlingguy, vaplas, Chelsee, ressa, Chi, jonathanshaw, Mile23, andypost, larowlan, phenaproxima, droffats, kim.pepper, scotty, dsnopek, cashwilliams, borisson_, Mixologic, gerzenstl, David Radcliffe: Provide a single command to install & run Drupal
* Issue #2428753 by borisson_, daffie, dawehner, franksj: Do not allow PHPUnit ↵Alex Pott2018-05-032-3/+9
tests to test an interface
* Revert "Issue #2594669 by Wim Leers, borisson_, dawehner, catch: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-023-12/+2
| | | | | | LibraryDependencyResolver::getMinimalRepresentativeSubset() accepts a set as the input but doesn't complain if it's not actually a set" This reverts commit 60c25e5d3bcfcf7de0d6e604f40d5d406da96743.
* Issue #2594669 by Wim Leers, borisson_, dawehner, catch: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-05-023-2/+12
LibraryDependencyResolver::getMinimalRepresentativeSubset() accepts a set as the input but doesn't complain if it's not actually a set
* Issue #2959124 by borisson_, eiriksm: Unexpected quote in workflow exceptionGábor Hojtsy2018-04-201-7/+7
* Issue #2851736 by borisson_, fago, pritish.kumar, Yogesh Pawar, amateescu, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-04-203-18/+46
alexpott: Language reference fields do not implement OptionsProviderInterface
* Issue #2216161 by Wim Leers, alexpott, jhedstrom, borisson_, Berdir: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2018-04-111-5/+21
Simplify performance settings page
* Issue #2889684 by ankitjain28may, kanav_7, borisson_, gaurav.kapoor, ↵Alex Pott2018-04-091-0/+5
naveenvalecha, joachim, alexpott: missing class docs for ContainerDerivativeDiscoveryDecorator