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* Issue #2501697 by ZenDoodles, leslieg, Les Lim, pfrenssen, joelpittet, ↵xjm2015-08-153-10/+53
hestenet, YesCT, scor, Cottser, xjm, lauriii, dsnopek, alexpott, akalata, Wim Leers, acouch, kgoel: Remove SafeMarkup::set in rdf_preprocess_comment()
* Issue #2004252 by mortendk, babruix, dasjo, joelpittet, visabhishek, cwells, ↵Alex Pott2014-06-0712-114/+129
jenlampton, Dragan Eror, nikhiltri, minneapolisdan, Manuel Garcia, sarahjean, acouch | scor: Node.html.twig template.
* Issue #2226853 by filijonka, acouch: Variables documented in ↵Alex Pott2014-04-071-3/+3
item-list.html.twig are incorrect.
* Issue #1154382 by Berdir, barraponto, acouch, swentel, LoMo, chx: Fixed View ↵webchick2012-08-236-0/+44
mode no longer can be changed.
* Issue #872488 by acouch, mfb, musicnode: Regression: no way to get taxonomy ↵catch2012-02-112-0/+109
tags into RSS feeds.
* Issue #1369200 by chris.leversuch, acouch: Define constants for taxonomy ↵catch2011-12-232-20/+37