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* Issue #2664274 by alexpott, bojanz, fortis, Mile23, arknoll, Barryvdh: ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2016-03-301-2/+28
Combination of --prefer-dist and .gitattributes confuses our vendor test cleanup
* Issue #1475510 by timmillwood, hussainweb, davidwbarratt, alexpott, Mile23, ↵Nathaniel Catchpole2016-03-132920-334907/+15
pfrenssen, claudiu.cristea, webchick, catch, Crell, patcon, RobLoach, kim.pepper, dawehner, neclimdul, Mixologic, gagarine, sun, nod_, effulgentsia, drumm, Sylvain Lecoy, jhedstrom, katbailey, xjm, klausi, Seldaek, Barryvdh: Remove external dependencies from the core repo and let Composer manage the dependencies instead